MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Spirit, Soul & Ego

Dear Ones,

Planet Earth is calling you to be your Greater Self at this time. What does
this mean for you?

It is time to stop thinking of yourself as a small person, imperfect, flawed,
weak or fearful. You are a powerful force in the Universe. You are creating the
world with your thoughts. What are you creating?

Many people want to deny responsibility for what is going on in the world
around them but this is not an accurate description of how the world works.

You are made up of three essences: your Spirit, your Soul and your Ego. All
three create the YOU that you are in the world today.

Your Spirit is the eternal part of you that transcends time and space and
personality. This Spirit is perfect and lives before and beyond this lifetime
of yours. This Spirit is the Divine essence of you and your Spirit recognizes
the Spirit in all other beings.

Your Soul is the essence of you that designs the syllabus for this lifetime,
coordinating with others in your Soul Group to assist each Soul in learning its
lessons. It is your Soul who is the director of your experiences in this
lifetime so that you can learn the lessons that you came to Earth to learn.

Your Ego is your personality for this lifetime, the body and circumstances that
your Soul chose to provide the opportunities for you to learn your lessons. It
is your Ego that creates situations in your life where you must choose your
reactions. Not all of these situations are pleasant but all are opportunities
for your growth.

If you look around yourself today you might be in the middle of a difficult
period and arguing that you did not wish to be in this circumstance, or you
might think that other people are victimizing you so, therefore, this is not of
your choosing. We would have you step up to a higher platform from which to
view this situation. Your Ego is offering yo ur Soul the opportunity to learn,
and the other Souls involved agreed with yours before you were born that they
would help you to learn.

Now we are not saying that it is acceptable for one human being to abuse
another or to mistreat someone, but it is up to you to decide how you will
respond to these situations. If you have suffered at the hands of another
person then you can choose to grow and move on or you can choose to continue to
suffer by staying attached to that person or situation, in thought or in
physical proximity.

Remember that you are always able to choose your response. Even when you feel
you have no choice, you are always able to choose how you think and feel about
a situation, especially if you are seeking the lesson to be learned rather than
giving your power to another person or circumstance.

And so your Soul is constantly inviting you to learn the lesson and move on to
the next one. If you consider that the Universe truly is a benevolent place
that wants to support you in your personal growth in this lifetime, then you
spend less time railing against what has happened to you and more time looking
for the support you need to complete a lesson.

What if your current difficult situation is really a manifestation of your
Soul’s agreement with another Soul for them to learn a lesson about compassion,
serving others, changing habits or harmful ways? Separate who you ARE from what
you THINK.

You are a Being of Light, that eternal Spirit that is perfect, in this moment
and in every moment. No one can take that away from you. Your Soul is allowing
circumstances to present to you the lessons that you need to learn. Your Ego is
participating by bringing those circumstances into your life. Your choice is to
learn the lesson and move on or to stay in those circumstances until you do.

You are always at choice!

And so it is.

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