MUSE-INGS: Big Bands and the Evolution of Consciousness

Do you remember when you were a teenager and your parents complained about your music? I do!

My Dad played in a big band and I grew up listening to Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey. Then came folk music – Peter, Paul & Mary and The Kingston Trio. The Beatles and the British Invasion arrived next. The progression goes on. But my parents remembered when THEIR parents objected to the music they enjoyed in the 40s & 50s. I’m sure their parents shocked my great-grandparents with the Roaring Twenties music!

How easy it is to dismiss what is new. How easy it can be to dismiss the messenger who brings in the new. And, yet, isn’t each messenger wanting to be heard?

What is the new message coming to you? It might not even be from young people but the source might be your intuition, your own personal guidance system. Are you listening?

It’s easy to look outside ourselves and consider the source of information so that we can justify dismissing it. Sometimes it is more difficult to look inside to find and listen to the guidance that we find there. Do you honor your own inner guidance?

Maybe the way to start honoring intuition it to start listening to the messages from the young people. They might actually be more tuned in than we, the ‘old folks,’ are!

Now I’m not advocating having to listen to the music of the next couple of generations if you don’t like it, but really listen to that younger person’s view of the world.

When our daughter was starting in school she told a story about a little girl in her class and I tried to get her to describe the girl to me, although I knew it was an African-American girl in a mostly white student classroom. Mindy said, ‘You know her, Mommy, she’s the one with the braids!’ It never occurred to her to differentiate the little girl from herself by the difference in the color of skin. I was excited that, in the new generation, the person was not identified by race. What a change from my parents’ generation, with separate water fountains and different parts of the bus! The children were teaching us to let go of old notions of differences.

What can you learn today from the young people around you? Enjoy the exploration! Have a conversation with a young person where you really listen to them. Ask questions and honor them when they open up. They’re really pretty cool. [But don’t say that because that’s an old person’s term!]

Be willing to explore new ideas even if they come from someone younger. We oldsters know a lot, and the world can learn from our wisdom, but sometimes we see through fixed bifocals, with only our own perspective, not seeing all the possibilities that are present.

Be willing to evolve your own thoughts by considering new ideas before you dismiss them. Old and young alike are being called to help all of humanity to evolve. Don’t be the one who holds back human evolution. Contribute, by opening yourself to the possibility of changing how you think.

Your creative juices can flow when you consider ideas, but if you lock yourself behind the doors of your fixed opinions, you get stuck.

Stay in the flow. Be a part of the Consciousness Evolution!

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