MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Wisdom of the Generations

Dear Ones,

The children are crying out for the love and acceptance of the adults in their lives. They know that they are here on Planet Earth on a mission. They feel they have a purpose and they want to be accepted for who they are, not for what they achieve. Are you cooperating?

This is not just referring to the children of your body but also to the children around you, to the generations younger than you are. Do you accept them even though they might be different from you?

Generations develop their own identity on Planet Earth, characterized by certain traits that can be generalized. Astrologers would tell you that the planets define generations and they are correct in that assessment. But the planets do not determine the characteristics – they reflect them.

The Universe has a plan that is unfolding and the people who inhabit Planet Earth at any given time are a part of that unfolding plan. Each Soul who chooses to incarnate at a certain time has agreed to play a part in the plan. Each person joins the Planet at the time that allows their purpose to appear and to serve the others who are with them in the same Earth period.

Whatever is needed on Planet Earth at a given time determines the characteristics of the generation on the Planet at that time. Multiple generations inhabit Planet Earth at the same time because their interactions are essential to the unfoldment of the plan. This is why the acceptance of those who are younger is so important. When older generations of human beings discount the advances offered by the newcomers on the Planet the evolution of human consciousness is threatened. Those who do not embrace the wisdom of the young are heralding an Age of Regression, when new thoughts are discounted because the older humans are not of the same mind as the younger. This is an anti-evolution stance to adopt.

Now we are not saying that everything that new generations embrace is part of the growth of human consciousness but it is essential to the development of the human species. The examination of ideas always brings with it the possibility of growth. Discarding an idea merely because it is new does not assist in the development of a culture or a civilization. Adopting a new idea merely because it is new is also not evolutionary.

But examining new ideas for their merit, assessing possibilities instead of staying stuck in the way things have always been, is the path to growth for all human beings. Studying what the young are saying offers insights into why that generation is on Planet Earth at the same time as the examiner. Holding out the possibility that there is something to be learned from the young requires an appreciation for and acceptance of the young who are the messengers of the future.

What is your relationship with new ideas? Do you consider the source and, if it is a new idea from the young people do you automatically dismiss it because you don’t trust their contribution to the evolution of human consciousness? Or do you consider the idea and the young person with the seriousness deserved?

This is not to say that there is not wisdom to be found with the older generations, but if the older person discounts ideas proposed by the younger simply because of the age of the proposer, then there is a deficit in the possibilities of growth for all.

Treat your young people with respect, for they, too, have a role to play in the unfolding of the Universe’s plan, just as you do!

And so it is.

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