MUSE-INGS: Choose Beauty

Do you judge yourself to be beautiful or not?

And why do we need to judge ourselves?

It’s funny, isn’t it?, that we allow the outside world to tell us what is beautiful and we can’t ever measure up to it. Even the fashion models that society says are beautiful claim THEY aren’t that beautiful if they are not manipulated by airbrushes and PhotoShop to look as they do in the ads.

I wonder when we stopped looking for beauty within ourselves and projected the search into the mirror. Have people always defined beauty this way?

When my husband and I took a vacation to Mexico several years ago, we stayed at a European resort where there was only one other American family. The rest of the guests were from Europe where their definition of beauty seemed to come from someplace other than the fashion magazines from the US. On the beaches we saw women of all ages enjoying the sunshine with their families at complete ease with their bodies, no matter what their age or dress size was! What a concept! We Americans are so uptight about how we look that we forget to be comfortable in our own skin.

I decided then that beauty is an inside job. Of course I had always heard about not judging people on their looks and I did look at the person inside. But could I apply that to myself? Could I see myself as beautiful no matter what the mirror said? And how could I project a beautiful face if I was worried about how I looked?

Now we are being guided to allow the energy of acceptance and love to decide how our face projects beauty.

Practice looking in a mirror and changing your thoughts then noticing how your face reflects those thoughts. If you think, as you go through your day, about what your face is telling the world about how you feel, you might start making different choices about hanging on to feelings that are not representing the beauty you wish to present outwardly.

Think about how we smile and coo at a cute, innocent little baby. Then think how pinched we get when we are ticked off at a circumstance or another person. Your face is reflecting this energy.

Now think about how the Dalai Lama is always smiling. He has a lot to be angry about, but he chooses happiness.

Our qigong instructor teaches about the ‘feeling state of the Divine.’ She has great access to this state and is always chuckling, like the Dalai Lama. They know something about beauty!

Commit to being beautiful today! Think thoughts of love and acceptance. Start with loving and accepting yourself. Then stay in that energy as much as you can. If you feel your face pinching up, look for the peace and love that will transform you. If you feel yourself sitting with anger or hatred, look for the energies that will put a smile on your face.

You are always at choice when it comes to which feelings you will hang onto and which you will let go of. Make the choice to BE BEAUTY in the world!

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