Happy New Moon today! At 11:54 am Eastern Time the Sun and the Moon meet up with each other in the sign of Leo. This is the sign with fiery energy to be creative and to love. Think ‘I WILL’ when you think of Leo. And today both the Sun, who represents YOU, and the Moon, who represents your emotions, come together. Who will you be? What will you feel? You are always at choice in these so decide ‘I WILL ______’ and then fill in the blank.

After you read this week’s message you might want to fill that in with ‘I WILL be beauty’!

It’s nice to be back in beautiful Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay with all of our ‘stuff’ stored away and awaiting the time when we move into our own space. Meanwhile we are still staying with our daughter and her family and are greatly appreciative of the time with family. As the Summer winds down and preparations for the school year begin, we enjoy the last days of play time.

Are you ready for the school year to begin? It’s interesting that even when you don’t have kids in school anymore there’s something about the Fall of the year that feels like new beginnings. I’ve decided to offer more classes this Fall, kind of a ‘back-to-school’ time for spiritual students! Look for the announcement of these classes that will be offered via video conference so you can participate from wherever your location is. Would you like to do some exploring with me? Dreams, Dowsing, Metaphysics 101. Please drop me a line to let me know if you have a particular topic that you would like to study this Fall and I’ll see if we can fit a class into the

And the programs that have been under development will also be announced this Fall. We’ll be offering the Spiritual Exploration Group online and locally in Maryland. Plus the Avatar Programwill be unveiled! Stay tuned!

Of course, I will continue to see private clients for what one client called ‘inspirational coaching’! If you’re looking for a mentor who can give you guidance from many dimensional sources, then sign up for a Complimentary Discovery Session so we can explore how to work together to support the changes you wish to make in your life. Here’s where you can apply for your Discovery Session: Application

Please feel free to share this ezine with friends who might be interested in joining the classes this Fall. Lots of new offerings and exciting changes coming soon!

Remember to use the energy of the New Moon to invite new energies into your life today!


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