MUSE-INGS: The ‘Consciousness Relationship’ and You

Exploring ideas has always been a fascination of mine. Whether it is a mundane matter or a lofty abstract concept, I can get lost in the exploration.

In college, as a math major, I was assigned a paper to write on ‘infinity.’ What a concept! I explored and explored and asked for an extension because I became so absorbed in the exploration. I shared my ideas with classmates, professors, the priests (who were, blessedly, very open-minded when I talked about consciousness with them!). How exciting it was to have the space in which to question and explore ideas!

How different I might be if I had not been supported in being the explorer of ideas that I was as a college student! How different someone around you might be if you do not allow them to be explorers, secure in the knowledge that you will share the exploration with them without judging or condemning or trying to get them to see your point of view!

We are all called to be in relationship to all others. Perhaps the ‘Consciousness Relationship’ is one of the most important.

The level of consciousness in which one operates, or, which one has attained, influences how one lives one’s life. It is easy to see that the people who walk around with their inner eyes closed are living a very different life from those whose eyes have been opened and who are explorers of ideas.

Do you realize that you can choose to find others who live at the same level of consciousness or a higher one?

This is not about judging people but it does include the discernment to notice when you feel that you are being accepted as an explorer or judged harshly for not being a part of the crowd. What groups have you joined where you feel that you can be yourself and explore ideas without worrying about judgment? In which groups do you feel that you must be extremely careful about what you say lest you create a backlash that stops the creative exploration of ideas until you agree with the others?

Discern how you feel, without judging where others are on their individual paths. Find the group of people who support your exploration of ideas. Like-mindedness is not the same as closed-mindedness. I like to think of the groups of like-minded folks that I hang out with as being those most open to exploration. Fanatics and fundamentalists of any shape can be closed to the possibilities that are before them.

And a lot of people who are closed-minded are merely stuck in their own emotional ‘stuff.’ It can be sad to see someone who is in a stuck place and rather than exploring options for moving beyond their ‘stuck-ness’ choose to hide within that stuck place. When the time is right, however, they will have opportunities to explore possibilities. When they are ready, there will be teachers available and they will either reach out or not.

When YOU are an explorer, you model for others the possibilities that are before them. When YOU are available as a teacher, someone who has been stuck has the possibility of becoming an explorer.

Be an explorer of ideas and hold out a hand to help others. This is a group activity! And each of us has a responsibility to the evolution of human consciousness to be that explorer of ideas!

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