MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You an Explorer of Ideas?

Dear Ones,

Help each other. None of you is alone in the world and your Life Purpose includes your part in the fabric that connects all of humanity and the Earth Space.

The societies where individuals care about the good of all society are the ones that can thrive. Those where there is factionism and hatred and a dislike of the concept of community are the ones where turmoil reigns and forward progress is blocked.

Every individual who is born, thus becoming a human being, has a reason to be on the Planet Earth. This reason is the Soul Purpose for that human life. Every human being is also a conscious being who has a contribution to make to the global consciousness and to universal consciousness. This contribution requires that the individual grow and expand and see the connectedness of all elements of universal consciousness.

Does this sound challenging or ephemeral to you? It i s not. This is a very practical aspect of your human nature.

You were born to grow and expand and to contribute to the growth and expansion of all consciousness. Whether your Life Purpose is to be a healer, or a business person, or a creative, or a parent or any number of other options, YOU have an obligation to grow and expand in your own consciousness because every thought that you have contributes to the collective consciousness of the Universe.

Understanding this then leads you to see that all other individuals are also on their path of expanding awareness and a growth in consciousness. Holding hands along the path manifests the connectedness of all and the ability to share awareness so that the individual’s contribution to collective consciousness is enhanced by the partners on the path.

Help each other to understand that growth is always possible. Awareness is not a static thing – it is an evolutionary energy within every conscious being. Can you expand your awareness if you are always thinking the same thoughts? Living within the same box? Limiting your exploration of ideas? Listening to the same views from the same voices?

When you share your ideas and are open to the exploration of others’ ideas you are contributing to the growth of consciousness all around you and all through time. Because you are a part of the 21st Century expansion of consciousness you are contributing to the consciousness of all who will come after you. Meanwhile, as you connect with other human contemporaries, you will be assisting them in their own contributions to universal consciousness.

This is why it is so important that you connect with others and share ideas.

Social interactions can include deep discussions but many people shy away from this. They stay on the surface of topics that do not offend and choose not to offer ideas that may differ from others. In some social situations, this is advisable. However, if you would expand your own conscious awareness you will find those with whom you might explore ideas without concern about judgment. And you will become the person who allows others to express opinions without condemnation. You do not always need to agree with another’s opinion to respect their level of consciousness.

For many people, their opinions are given to them by someone who wishes to lead or control them. They have not formed opinions based on a personal exploration of ideas. Others cling to opinions they have formed based on part of the information available but not all. Opinions are not the same as ideas.

Ideas come from a connection to consciousness that spurs the human mind into creative space. Opinions close off creativity.

Sharing ideas and allowing others to share theirs allows creative energy to flow into greater awareness and expanded consciousness. Hold the hand of another as you give yourselves permission to be the explorers of ideas. Creativity abounds when you do!

And so it is.

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