What a week it’s been! First the trip to New Jersey for Monica Shah’s Money 2.0 Event, then a New Moon and the Summer Solstice. Lots of amazing energy to handle and now it is officially Summer here in Maryland – the Sun is in Cancer.

Did you do something to celebrate the Solstice? Here in the Northern Hemisphere we enjoyed the longest day, the most sunlight. I like to meditate on The Light and become One With The Light, one of my favorite meditations, on the Solstice. The world needs for us to ramp up the Light!

As I wrote this week’s ezine I listened to John Lennon sing his incredible song, Imagine, and I hope that you will find it on YouTube and listen to it, too. We can imagine the world we want to live in. It’s time! And no one is alone.

This past weekend I was in New Jersey to meet up with my friend, Cecelia Dawe-Gillis, whom I met through Baeth Davis. At the event I was surprised to find other friends from other tribes of which I am a member – at least 4 of them! I felt honored to be the Nexus of the Networks to which I belong. And I realized that we are all the Nexus of the Networks. Do you see that in your life? I even found that one new friend I met is a friend of a friend across the country – one degree of separation! We are all connected. Remember that.

I had a great week and I am looking forward to working with some new people in the coming weeks. One of my favorite things to do is to offer a Conversation with The Other Side for someone who hosts the event and invites their friends to join them. Would you like to be a host and to attend for free? Because we can do these via videoconference your friends can be anywhere in the world and join us via computer or phone. If you’re in the DC area (or nearby on the East Coast) we can do this in person. Here’s where you can go to sign up to host one of these fun events: Host Link. I also offer unhosted Conversations with The Other Side periodically but it would be more fun if you invited your friends to gather, and the number is very limited – max 12 – because everyone who attends receives a personal message of wisdom from an angel, guide or loved one who has crossed over. Check it out!

We’re almost ready to launch the new ezine and the new programs. Coming very soon!!! I’m excited!

The astrological happenings of this week support the focus on imagining your dreams into reality. Around midnight Saturday/Sunday (Eastern Time) the Sun trines Neptune and carries us beyond isolation into a sense of connectedness with all life. “Forgiveness, faith, compassion, and imagination flow from this spiritually enriching aspect,” according to The Mountain Astrologer magazine. We’ve also got the Moon moving into Libra on Tuesday so there’s some beautiful energy of peace and harmony. With Neptune playing with the Sun and then Jupiter, pay attention to your dreams! And Imagine!

Have a dream-y week!


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