BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret” by Anita G. Wheeler

People send messages out to the universe, asking for money or abundance, when in fact, it’s financial freedom they truly want. They want to remove the stress, anxiety and worry that lack of money brings into their life, not an unlimited well of funds to dip into. They invoke the Law of Attraction but aren’t aware and clear about what they really do want.    Most people don’t actually want the things they wish for—-they actually want the FEELINGS they get from those things.

Anita G. Wheeler

Look at what you are wanting to attract into your life and make sure that you are matching that with the vibration that you are sending out to the Universe. You are always subject to the Law of Attraction, whether positive or negative. As an individual and as a Planet we are magnetizing the vibration of what we transmit. Make sure you personally are magnetizing what you WANT and not the energy of something that you don’t want! When we do this individually, we can change our own life and, ultimately, the life of the Planet.


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