Welcome to the anniversary celebration! This week’s issue of my Ezine, Wisdom Connections, marks the completion of 3 years of publication! Woo Hoo!!! Every week we have produced a newsletter with guidance from The Divine Feminine to help you to live your richest life, and every week you have let us know that this is valuable wisdom for your journey. Thank you! And thank you for reading the Ezine content here on the blog. If you would rather receive the entire Ezine as an email delivered every Friday, you may subscribe on the website: And when you do I’ll give you a FREE meditation to help you unwind after a tough day!

I hope you have also subscribed to The Daily Muse, the no-cost inspirational message that we send every weekday to your inbox as a 1-2 minute video email. A little reminder to live a conscious life every day. If you haven’t subscribed yet, here’s where to do that: The Daily Muse

In honor of this anniversary I’d love to give you a boost along the way with a special reading offer: 20 minutes for $100. You’ll be amazed at the information that you can receive in a short reading, as your guides and mine combine to give you exactly what you need to hear in that moment. I have a limited number of slots for these readings that I am holding just for ezine subscribers so that you can get ready for the second half of 2012 with some wisdom and guidance for your path. How are you doing with this 2012 energy of change? Are you stuck somewhere in your life, relationships, work? Do you have a question about how to move forward or a block that you’d like to move past? Let’s get that question answered in this special session! Request your reading here.

We’re enjoying summer in Maryland and a return to heat and humidity – I miss the Colorado dry and cool weather! But we’re having fun with family. I’m looking forward to the baseball playoffs, the grandkids summer plans, the outdoor activities on friend’s boats (much better than when we used to have one of our own, a ‘hole-in-the-water-into-which-you-pour-money’!). And I do hope to be scheduling that special reading with you as you launch into the June-July-August season of possibilities!

Another eclipse is heading our way on Monday, June 4th. This one is a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Sagittarius while the Sun is in Gemini. We are invited to look at what is real, what is true, and to look with our hearts, not our heads. The Sabian symbols for this eclipse event are: “Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge; the need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals” and “The groundhog looking for its shadow on Groundhog Day…the value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects.” This is the perfect time for us to be launching our new membership community for like-minded individuals and for YOU to schedule your reading to look at what your questions are about what’s coming up for you!

Looking forward to connecting with you! What can you celebrate this week?


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