MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Which century do you live in?

Dear Ones,

Life on Planet Earth has changed much in the last few generations. If you can imagine what life was like in the 19th Century and then through the 20th Century you can see the amazing shifts that have occurred in the daily lives of individuals around the globe.

Now look around you at the 21st Century. During these days you have more contact with others around the globe instantaneously than your predecessors were able to create across months, years or even lifetimes. This gives you access to ideas and feelings and cultures that may differ from yours in significant ways and allows you to consider possibilities that previous generations would not have been exposed to.

What will you do with this? Will you continue to stay in the box that earlier people lived in because they could not see beyond that box or will you expand your thinking into new possibilities?

This expansion is what is called forth in the energy of the new Century and 2012 is a pivotal point in that energy shift.

No longer can provincialism live because people and cultures are no longer isolated. No longer can one country operate as if it were the only one in the world because all other countries have eyes trained on the rest of the world. Events happening on the other side of the globe are instantaneously reported and therefore become a part of the consciousness of all. Happenings cannot be ignored for months or years because they occur at a distance – they must be faced and dealt with immediately.

There are advantages to this aspect of life in the 21st Century. For example, weather issues and natural disasters can be predicted and warnings can save lives. Victims can receive aid [and you can assist from afar] because you learn about a situation while there is time to do something. Countries can cooperate to respond to a problem or to work together to advance the interests of all without having to handle issues in isolation. And people can travel across the globe with ease and regularity to extend human contact beyond what was possible even 100 years ago.

Friendships can now span the globe. Families can live at a distance from each other and yet technology allows members to ‘see’ each other and to stay connected in meaningful ways that do not rely on letters that might take months to travel between them.

Each individual on Planet Earth in the 21st Century is a member of this connected community. Each person is a part of every other person’s Earth Family. Each has the support of the global community to explore and expand awareness through global connections. Students can easily study subjects that were not available to them for study in earlier generations. And all human beings can be students of human nature and evolution.

Consciousness does not expand in total oblivion of what is going on around oneself. Conscious evolution requires each person to learn about the world and to explore it. You are inhabiting one of the planets of the Universe. Learn what you can about that planet and the other inhabitants while you are all members of the Earth Community!!

And so it is.

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