How compelling is the vision that you have for your Life? DO you have a vision?

This was brought home to me by a good friend who asked me about my vision. I had some ideas but I hadn’t fully fleshed out the vision. As she asked me more details I started to get excited. I knew the details! I could see the colors, hear the sounds, feel the breeze and the temperature. I knew exactly how it would feel to be in that scenario. I could see other parts of that life, too. Active parts and relaxing parts.

And it felt really good!

Then, when I went back to writing some marketing copy, something I’m not particularly fond of doing, I had a renewed interest and excitement because it wasn’t about having to do the chore of writing the copy – it was about supporting that Life that I had visited in my vision. THAT’S a motivator!

And so I invite you to create a compelling vision for your Life, one that draws you forward toward it. If you find yourself talking about what you don’t want in that Life, that’s okay but move your language to the other side of that coin and talk about what you DO want. Sometimes we get information from the identification of what we don’t want but if we dwell on that we energize the very thing we don’t want instead of what we do want. So keep your thoughts focused on what you DO want in your vision.

Create a movie in your mind. You’re the director and the star and the screenwriter. You have full creative control over this project. What does the house look like? What is the setting? Lighting? Temperature? Location? Who is starring in the cast besides you – anyone? What foods are on the table? What colors are around you? What activities are on the calendar? What car is in the garage?

Keep going. Identify the details. Who are you with? What are you doing? How do you relax? What does your work look like?

Isn’t this fun?

And, since you are the director, you can always call, ‘Cut!’ and start over. You are always in charge of how this movie turns out, and the project doesn’t have to ever become static because there’s always another aspect to play with.

But as you see yourself both directing and starring in this film called, ‘My Life,’ step into your roles, don’t just view them from afar.

Your unconscious mind cannot distinguish between the images that are happening in the 3-dimensional world we refer to as ‘reality’ and the reality of your visions. Step into that vision and live it. Your unconscious mind will take this as instructions to ‘Make it so,’ quoting my favorite Starship Captain Jean Luc Picard.

But notice the power of your unconscious mind. It will take any command from what you think about and envision and it will assume you are saying, ‘Make it so.’ THIS is why it is so important that you create the vision of what you want and energize that! If you ask your unconscious mind to create what you don’t want, it will do so.

So it is important that you become aware of your thoughts, your words. Make sure you hold the vision in your consciousness so that you are always moving in that direction, not as if it is in the future but aligning yourself with that vision in the present. Keep yourself focused on the manifestation of your vision IN THE NOW.

It might seem like a miracle but it starts to manifest and you are suddenly realizing that you are in it!

Cool stuff, right?

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