Muse-ings: Engage as an Explorer

It’s interesting to me that in the same message we are asked to get off our couches and go out to meet people and, while there, to engage them in discussions about ideas. I guess that means we are supposed to be having conversations that are deeper than the weather and the latest movie we’ve seen.

Do you have an avenue for those deeper conversations? Do you have a circle of friends with whom you can let down your hair and explore ideas or are your interactions about everyday affairs (or the affairs the neighbors or having), the kids, the price of gas, etc. and then you go back to your own couch? Maybe there’s something really profound in this message to ‘reach out.’

How do you explore ideas for yourself? Are you so wrapped up in your own everyday life that it’s difficult to find time to think about something beyond what you have to deal with today? Is there anyone with whom you feel you can safely explore an idea without being judged or ridiculed as you explore? Maybe it’s time to deepen our human relationships so that we CAN expand our consciousness.

In Colorado Springs we started a Spiritual Exploration Group that met once a month to discuss interesting topics, chosen by the members. Guests were welcomed but there was one rule: This group met to discuss ideas, not to judge them or to criticize or to convince someone else to believe the same way. We dubbed this rule the ‘Discussion not Dogma Rule.’ And we had some fascinating discussions! The topics ranged from angels and other spirit beings to numerology to the possibility of extraterrestrial life to parallel universes to the elements of time. It was a delight to join with one or two dozen others every month for a wonderful meal at our favorite Indian restaurant and engage in these deep discussions. The owners of the restaurant often sat with us to participate as they, too, found the topics fascinating.

Can you do something like this in your area? Do you know a few people who might like to get together for dinner occasionally and have a discussion group?

We’ll be restarting the Spiritual Exploration Group in the Annapolis, Maryland area soon and will also be doing this online as a video conference so that distant people can join in the discussion. How can you participate in ‘idea exploration’ with rules that make it safe to bring up anything you’re thinking about without worrying what others will think or say? Maybe your group starts with you and one trusted friend, but that’s okay.

The time is here for humanity to grow in consciousness. We cannot sit idly by and let others decide what the human consciousness level in the 21st Century will be simply because we choose not to engage in the discussions that are necessary. If we allow the discussions to take place without us we are abdicating our right to contribute to the expansion of consciousness which is a part of our Soul Purpose in being alive on Planet Earth in these times.

We have both a right and a responsibility to engage in the discourse, to explore ideas, to reach into the depths and allow our own consciousness to grow and expand. This is what being fully human in the 21st Century calls us to do. And, in the process, we become the expanded human being we are meant to BE.

Engage. Explore. Expand.

Come exploring with us. And remember that the conversations need to be ‘Discussion not Dogma’!

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