MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You an Explorer?

Dear Ones,

Reach out. There are so many people on Planet Earth who are waiting for you to show up to be a partner to them in their life. You must reach out to them.

If you are asking how to do this then you are probably not yet playing in the ‘big playground of Earth.’ You must learn to reach out to others who are not in your normal or everyday life circumstances. Where do you spend your time? Are you reaching beyond the borders of your small world into the greater world outside? If not, then this is the time to do so.

For some of you, this means reaching outside your own city to visit nearby towns. For others, it is nearby or distant countries or traveling around the world. For some, it might be to reach out through the 21st Century airwaves to people around the world who are connected through cyberspace. And for some of you it is the small step with big impact – reach out from your home or office to connect to others who live not very far from you.

When humanity calls you to expand your consciousness it does not mean just to meditate and to think. It also means to reach out beyond the border of your own energy field to connect to other people who need to see your facial expressions, to shake your hand or give you a hug, to feel the energy of your smile and your intelligence as they interact with you. And there is also a gift to you in creating these interactions, for you will receive the benefit of their energy, their smile, their intelligence.

Too often we see people choosing to stay in their insular circles, allowing into their space only those who think the same way, believe the same things, view the world through the same lens. But your personal growth requires that you constantly try on new ideas, accepting or rejecting them on their own merits, but exploring them for how they can help you on your journey to higher consciousness. If you consistently isolate yourself from perspectives that differ from yours you will not be stimulated to grow.

Consider the oyster. If a grain of sand were never introduced into the oyster to become the irritant around which it forms a protective shield, there would never be a pearl to give to the human who enjoys it.

Ideas that can be discussed and explored without judgment or vitriol allow you to become the oyster creating the pearl of wisdom. Listen for the bit of truth in an irritating statement from someone else. Decide consciously if there is any merit or if you must reject the entire idea because it does not resonate with you or it is based on misinformation. Examine your own beliefs – do they need to be changed, updated, modified for today’s reality?

This, Dear One, is the life of the Spiritual Explorer. Others around you are also exploring, some more elegantly than others. Some like to hear their own ideas repeated and repeated without examination, merely accepted as whole fact, and those people do not like to have evidence presented that might contradict their idea or cause them to re-examine what they believe. Conversing with these people is like putting the grain of sand on the outside of the oyster and waiting for the pearl to appear. (It won’t.)

But there are many others around you who would welcome the opportunity to have honest discussions that can be explorations of ideas so that they can expand their awareness, their understanding and their consciousness. You must learn who these are and engage.

You must, also, learn how to have discussions without judgment and without anger, attack or belittling. Allow others to have opinions but be strong in your values so that you can assess what you are exploring from a point of higher consciousness.

You will benefit from stepping out of your normal space and becoming an explorer.

And so it is.

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