MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Rethinking Money

Dear Ones,

The heart of the matter is not money, but, for many, money becomes the essence – of relationships, of business, of families, of friendships. We would tell you that money does not have the right vibration to be held as the essence of anything.

Money exists in human societies because people created a way to exchange things of value as they learned to trade what they had for something else that they needed. The value of one person’s goods was agreed upon and the value of the other person’s goods was required to be of equal or greater value before the trade was allowed to proceed. At some point people decided that it was simpler to agree upon the value of something tangible that was then traded because the common agreement to value was less open to misunderstanding. And, thus, money, or an exchange medium, was created.

Dear Ones, the energy of money has shifted over time to become something which many people see as more important than it is. Having money gives some people a sense that they are more important than those who do not have as much money. Feeling a sense of lack of money makes others feel that they are less worthy or important because they do not have the money they wish they had. Neither perspective is valid.

Are you struggling with money in your life today? Do you worry about money even though you have enough for the moment? Are you projecting your thoughts to a time in the future when you predict there may not be enough money for your desires to be fulfilled? And do you look at your relationships with others with money in mind?

We would ask you to rethink your relationship to money. Raise your consciousness to the level of your spiritual life and allow money to be put into its proper perspective, as a medium of exchange between people or entities who have agreed on its value. Money, having it or not having it, does not define who you are in your essence. Please do not allow it to become the standard by which you measure yourself or anyone else.

You have within you the Light of Your Unique Greatness. This is WHO you are. The vibration of this Light is a very high vibration and it has nothing to do with money. Your having or not having money does not change the brightness of this Light. You ARE the Light and the Light is YOU. Your very essence is Light. You were born to share this Light with others on Planet Earth at this time.

For some of you, there are monetary exchanges in which you are engaged that allow you to share your Light with others and to have them give you money in exchange for the value they have received. For others, you share your Light and you exchange money for other services or products. But always your role as a human being on 21st Century Earth is to share your Light.

What you need does not come from money. The Universe provides for your needs. The methods, the how of the delivery, might not look as you wish they did, but you are taken care of and your lessons are presented to you. Money is merely an exchange medium for participating in some transactions on Earth.

There will come a time when your societies will no longer use money to exchange products and services. People will revert to the times when the common good directed the exchanges and all contributed what they could to the operation of a society. People will be valued for their contributions to the common needs rather than for their net worth. Societies will combine resources so that all might exist and focus on higher vibration thoughts and activities. Money will lose its mystique and will, again, be relegated to a role of exchange medium, not god.

Live your life as if this time has already arrived. How can you serve others? How can you state your worth in your own mind so that monetary exchanges reflect your self-worth but do not define it. Put money into its proper place in your thoughts and your life will be more relaxed.

The result just might be that all the money you need flows to you when you need it because you have not created a logjam of thoughts about lack. You deserve to live the conscious life within the highest vibration possible.

And so it is.

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