BOOK LIGHTS: from : “The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources” by Lynne Twist

It could be said that a great fund-raiser is a broker for the sacred energy of money, helping people use the money that flows through their lives in the most useful way that is consistent with their aspirations and hopes for humanity…It could be said that each of us has the opportunity in our own lives to steward the flow of money; whatever level comes our way.

Lynne Twist

Creating a ‘right relationship’ with money allows us to use money to make things happen in the world. Each of us does not have to tackle the problems of the world in isolation because now we can easily join with others to contribute resources – time, talents and treasure – toward moving humanity along on its evolutionary path. Allowing money to flow through our lives and into helping projects makes an energetic space for more money to flow to & through us. The operative word is ‘flow.’



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