It’s almost St. Paddy’s Day! And it’s almost Spring here in the US! Hurray! Lots to celebrate.

With Winter having chosen to be in absentia this year, the crocuses and daffodils are in bloom and the trees are starting to bud. We’ve had no snow except for a few flakes – the kids haven’t been able to use the new sleds that Santa brought them! And, if you’re watching The Daily Muse videos, you’re seeing that the weather has been amazingly beautiful and warm and we’ve been shooting the videos out of doors each week, near or on the waters around the Chesapeake Bay. If you’re not yet receiving The Daily Muse, subscribe here and get the free inspirational video emailed to you every day: Click Here to Subscribe. To our friends in Australia, I hope the flooding has not affected you! Mother Earth seems to be letting us know who is in charge of the weather! And it’s not The Weather Channel on cable TV!

My schedule is opening up to do some more Discovery Sessions for those who would like to explore the best strategy for moving forward in their personal growth and in manifesting their Life Purpose. If you’d like to apply for one of these complimentary sessions, Click Here for the link to the application. The energy of the Spring Equinox is a great energy to use to make a quantum leap forward in personal growth and in creating the vision of your future! I already have appointments scheduled for this week to take advantage of this beautiful Spring as it blossoms but there are still some slots open for the early weeks and now is the time to grab one for yourself.

I apologize for not warning you last week that Mercury was going retrograde [appearing to move backward when viewed from Earth] on March 12th. Have you noticed? A lot of sensitive folks are having wild dreams and waking up a lot at night. Uranus is jumping into the picture so definitely be aware that communication might be garbled and patience might wear thin, two components of problematic encounters if we don’t stay conscious! Mercury continues to be in retrograde for a couple more weeks so remember the usual advice to watch your words and other people’s driving.

On Tuesday at 1:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time we enjoy the Spring Equinox in the Washington, DC area. It’s the Autumn for you folks Down Under. This day brings us equal daylight and darkness so bring to awareness the areas in your life that need to be moved toward balance. Remember that balance isn’t static – it’s a flow that maintains equilibrium as long as we are conscious and allow ourselves to flow without staying out of balance for too long. This is also the time to create the vision of your dreams for your life. Maybe do a vision board and prepare to manifest those dreams. Dream Big!!! And with the New Moon on Thursday, March 22, at 10:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, we have all the energy of New Beginnings coinciding with the astrological New Year of the Spring Equinox. Great time to start up that new project and use the fire energy to leap forward. Just make sure you set up systems to sustain that initial push! Here’s what The Mountain Astrologer says: “The future may be scary, but holding onto the past is futile, and the opportunity to invent a better tomorrow is here right now.”

Here’s to Happy Tomorrows for you with the Equinox helping you to bring your life into balance!

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