MUSE-INGS: What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love

It’s difficult to discuss ‘hatred’ because I really don’t like to feel the energy of that word. I learned long ago to remove it from my vocabulary because it has a damaging effect on one’s liver just to speak it. I don’t ‘hate’ mushrooms but I choose not to eat them. If I’m having a bad hair day, I don’t ‘hate’ my hair.

So it is interesting that this message uses the word and energy so often. What is the meaning? What’s the point?

I think the energy of hatred is all around us and we need to raise our consciousness of the effects of living with that energy non-stop. We probably don’t even hear the word anymore with the sensitivity it deserves. And there are those who speak of that energy without ever using the word so we really have to lift our awareness into understanding that ‘hatred’ is what is meant by the language.

There are so many groups today who work for separation into ‘us’ and ‘them.’ They ‘other-ize’ groups that are different and somehow that makes the other lesser beings. Really? Is that being an evolving human being? Since when has a different religious belief meant that the other person is a lesser being?

Since there have been religions, I suppose. When I hear people spout political beliefs as if they have all the answers and anyone who disagrees with them is evil [yes, I’ve heard that] then I understand that demonizing the other has become a national, and maybe international, pastime.

The polite way to discuss politics is to talk about ‘negative ads’ but isn’t that a euphemism for spewing hatred? Or, if not spewing, then inciting? What have we come to as a human race if this is the behavior that we condone?

My dream is that human beings will find a way to cooperate rather than compete, to see that the good of the many includes the good of the individuals, and to raise young people to want to help others, not hurt or destroy them. Is that too much to ask?

I believe that human beings are capable of great things – great love, great art, great advances in understanding on many levels. What if the future held the possibility of a world where there was no hatred, no war, no ‘otherness’? What if the discovery of many other planets in the Universe caused us to join together as Earthlings and find a way to live together so that we could be a unified people in the Cosmos? How attractive does that sound to you?

We really are all one human being, the body of humanity living and breathing with many sets of lungs and many hearts and heads, but we are all connected in this many-membered organism. The sooner we learn and accept this the less ‘otherness’ will play in our lives. If we understand and feel our connection to all others perhaps we will not need to legislate against a group whose beliefs differ from ours. Maybe we can stop killing over jealousy or anger or hatred. Maybe we can learn to live and let live despite differences.

Remember the song, ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love’? How long ago was that song popular? Are things really that different today?

Go about your day today spreading love. Don’t listen to words of hatred but turn the conversation around. Catch yourself if you are speaking vitriol and stop it. Listen to your children to see if they have created a mindset of otherness, if they see themselves as better than those who are different. Many teenagers, in fact, probably most, see themselves as different and they just want to fit in with their peers. Yet there are too many teen suicides because they encounter hatred for their differences. Please stop the hatred now.

Let’s all commit to being 21st Century human beings who love. Let’s counteract those who would spread hatred by accepting those who are different. And let’s look for ways to settle differences that don’t involve bloodshed.

We want to give Mother Earth the balance that she craves.

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