MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Snap or Flex? That is the Choice!

Dear Ones,

The energies in the world are in a pattern of profound shift and those people who cannot be flexible will find themselves breaking like dry sticks because they cannot bend in the winds of change. Which kind of person are you? The stiff, dry stick who snaps if forced to try to reshape, or the willow branch that is flexible and can adapt to change without breaking?

When monumental levels of change are inevitable then each individual has a responsibility to their soul journey to examine the shifts and personalize their response to the new energies. Does this make sense to you or are you feeling some resistance to these words? Your answer to this question will help you to see whether you are stiff or flexible.

Now, we are not suggesting that you must shift with every breeze that blows by, for not every energy change is one that resonates with your soul journey, nor is every change that is proposed before you one that you should embrace. However, we are seeing that many people on Earth at this time are trying to revert to old patterns or to hold onto what they are familiar with despite the need to make some changes for the good of all of humanity. There must be a continual spiral upward toward greater awareness and consciousness for humanity to continue to evolve and grow. Those who resist this upward growth are closing down their minds to the potential of expanded awareness and they create an energetic antidote to the expansion of all consciousness for humanity through the ages.

In history, it is these people who have brought about wars and famine and economic collapse as well as the collapse of political regimes and the ‘dark ages’ of stymied education and enlightenment of the populace. They operate from a mistaken notion that power is defined by control of others, that personal wealth must come at the expense of someone who loses something. These notions are a sign of very limited consciousness and have no place in the 21st Century human development. And yet they persist in societies around the world. Why is that so?

From a vantage point above the little skirmishes of daily life on Earth, one can see a bigger picture playing out. For one thing, the people who wish to limit the growth of consciousness believe that they foresee a world in which their limited group will hold all the power in the world and the fate of other inhabitants matters not to them. How shortsighted! For who would serve these self-identified masters if there were no minions?

One is also able to see the spreading of the Light of Consciousness around the planet as individuals wake up to the understanding that all humans are connected and the fate of the few is linked to the fate of the many. Individuals are seeing that they are a part of the fabric of the whole and that it is only by shining their own light, their inner light or inner splendor, in the world that the whole world benefits from the illumination of humanity.

Ah, what a beautiful sight it is to behold the awakening of the human race to its place within the unfolding Universe! Each individual is a Being of Light, a holder of the candle by which the entire Universe can be illuminated. Each human being on Earth at this time has a responsibility to find that inner light and to turn up the flame.

Where is your light hiding? How can you magnify the light that you share with the world? Can you learn to ignore those who would tell you to shrink and contract until you eventually snap or will you hear your inner voice leading you to flex and shift and change into the brilliant light that you are at your core?

Do not fight the kind of change that challenges you to grow in consciousness, to expand your awareness and to shine a brighter light out into the world. And do not listen to those who would have you isolate or hide – the winds of change are blowing and your light is needed.


And so it is.

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