I’m preparing for the Holiday’s and gift giving. It is great to be with the grandkids here in Marlyand and share their excitement around this time of year! Have you finished your shopping? You might want to consider giving the gift of a session with me. Gift certificates are still available on my website:  Click Here for more details!

***Enneagram Point Group***
Friday, December 16, 2011 Participating in my annual “Point Group” gathering where people of each Enneagram “type” get together to discuss what they have observed about themselves and their type with one another. It is an evening of fun and growth.

Enneagram study goes hand-in-hand with Life Purpose examination, Scientific Hand Analysis and other tools for self-knowledge and Evolution of Consciousness.
Curious about your Enneagram Type?

***I’m in Maryland***
from now until… Are you curious about what happens when we die?

Are you wondering if there is some guidance available for your life that you haven’t yet tapped into?

Would you like to hear what a loved who has crossed over to The Other Side wants to say to you?

Are you seeking certainty in these uncertain times?

I am happy to announce that I am offering A Conversation with The Other Side now on the East Coast. For answers to these question you may consider hosting or attending an event.
Learn more about The Other Side!

***My book is here!***
Until they are gone! My best selling Get Your Woman On! is now available directly from me. My personalized copies are here and available with a special offer. There are FREE gifts available when you order in 2011. This book makes a great holiday present and the free gifts can be given as well!
Order your copy today and get FREE shipping!


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