December is here. I hope you are enjoying holiday preparations by giving yourself permission to PLAY, rather than focusing on and stressing about the holidays! We’ve been playing cards and board games and Wii games [who knew it could be so hilarious to watch folks dancing to a video game?] and feeling that the holidays are really about family and not so much about the stress of money and gifts and requirements. Ah, what a relief!

The New Year is just around the corner. How will you live 2012 differently from 2011? Now is the time to do your planning for the year and it’s also a good time to go inside and decide WHO you want to BE in the coming year. Let’s all make this the year we live in Light and Love for ourselves, our families and the world around us. And this starts by learning our Life Purpose and then committing to living that.

Do you know someone who would love to learn their Life Purpose? I have created a special gift that you can give them – a Gift Certificate for a Scientific Hand Analysis Session where they will learn their Life Purpose, Life School and Life Lesson. For a limited time only you can use the coupon code ‘XMAS2011’ to get $200 off this gift! [Regularly $497, Gift Investment – $297] Click Here to purchase.

And if someone on your holiday list would like to get some personalized guidance for their 2012 plans, then here’s the gift for them: A Gift Certificate for a Check In With Your Muse Session – a great $100 gift! Click Here to get yours!

I do hope you have yourself on your gift list – what are you investing in yourself as you prepare for 2012? Maybe a gift certificate is what you’re asking Santa for!

Reminder – Mercury is still Retrograde so be careful about details and driving. And the Moon is Full on Saturday at 9:36 AM Eastern Standard Time – a double whammy with other people driving strangely [not you because you’re forewarned to be careful!].

Have a Purpose-Driven week!


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