MUSE-INGS: When Life Isn’t a Straight Line

Some times life isn’t a straight line but a spiral.

And there’s a big difference between going around in circles and moving through life in a spiral. The spiral is ever rising to the next level, a higher level. And there is movement forward at the same time.

Is there a part of you that is resisting these words? Are you feeling that you must move forward in a straight line in order to judge your movement as ‘forward’?

Stop and think about this for a minute. When you are seeking your purpose in life, your meaning, and you want to know your next step, do you really want to leave behind you all that you have done and learned? Of course not. But how do you move forward if you are constantly circling back into what you’ve known before?

This is why the spiral is the perfect image. You shift up to a higher level of understanding and expanded awareness and you look back over the experiences you have had and you gather the lessons from those experiences to add to your overall understanding of who you are and what you are about in this lifetime. Then you have more experiences, more lessons but they are happening within the context of a greater awareness and expanded consciousness. This keeps the spiral ever moving upward. This is living a Conscious Life.

In working with clients I often tap into what they have been experiencing over and over again but from my vantage point above the situation we can explore meaning in a different context. The goal is to learn to step up and examine what is happening, what one is feeling, what an interaction is carrying with it, so that you can see from a new perspective the lesson that is to be learned.

With a recent client it was to see the perspective of her mother in the situation. With another, it was their child’s view that was clouded in the relationship. I also worked with a client to discover her Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose from a Scientific Hand Analysis and the answers helped her to understand what was going on in her life at the moment, gave the experiences a greater context.

We all want to have meaning in our life. We all want what we are doing and experiencing to somehow count in the overall scheme of things. But we can so easily get bogged down in the feelings of the moment, especially in relationships, that we play the same old tapes over and over again without making progress. This is when it is time to step up to a higher perspective, often with help, and see the situation from the place where the solutions live, rather than where the problem is the only thing you can see.

What will you do this week to step up above the problems of the week? Where will you go to find what you are seeking? How will you approach the experiences of the week so that you can see the solutions and not just the problems, enabling yourself to learn the lessons as they are presented to you?

Decide to make this a week of Conscious Living. See yourself on the spiral every day and look for the way ahead to take you to a higher level of understanding.


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