Can you believe it is the end of July? I must admit that this year is flying by for me. It’s always interesting to assess Life between our wedding anniversary [July 22] and our mutual birthday [Richard & I are both August 2nd babies]. Every year I use this time to really examine what choices I am making and whether or not to continue making those same choices. I read every ezine that we create as a personal charge from the Universe to become more conscious in my own life. Kind of like, ‘Physician, heal thyself.’

And so I invite you to enter into this week’s wisdom with an open mind about examining YOUR life. Where are the fears and blocks? What can you do about them?

This weekend I’ll be exploring these questions and much more at the Rejuvenate YOU Weekend Retreat in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Even if you cannot be with us in person [this is a small, intimate group of women], I invite you to take some time this week to do a little retreat-ing of your own. Sit with your journal and write about your Life. Do the exercise that we’ve been given in the Mystic Message. I support you in your personal growth.

Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a phone session to help you work through the answers that you get. Transformation follows being open to releasing that which is holding us back. Saturday, July 30th brings us a New Moon, the perfect time to open ourselves to our inner guidance and our deep emotions so that we can make room for something new in our Life. Take this opportunity to bring in the new.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to my radio show you’re missing some good guidance every month, and the answers to some interesting questions as well. The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson is available as a free podcast on iTunes, or you can listen to it in 3 short segments on the website:  Episodes 1-4 are now available. I’ll be recording Episode 5 this week and would love to answer your questions in the show. Listen to the earlier shows and send in your questions to, then listen for your answers in Episode 5. Please help to get the word out by sharing this invitation with your friends. Anyone can send in a question!

Our plans for the upcoming move have changed a bit as we prepare to sell our Colorado Springs home. We’re heading out to LA on a temporary basis [August – October] and then will be moving back to Annapolis, Maryland later in the Fall. The pull of Family is very strong. [I said I do a Life Assessment this time of year!] So we will be creating a home base near our grandkids [oh, and their parents!] in Maryland and will be going on tour from there. In October I plan to tour the West Coast, visiting Palm Springs/Palm Desert, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle. I’d love to see you! If you know of a group or a place to hold a workshop or if you’d like to host your own Conversation with The Other Side in your area [you attend for free!] then please contact me. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of you on the Itinerant Intuitive Tour! [Chicago is in the works for later this year.]

Welcome to those who have recently joined RosemarySpace! We’re happy to have you in our community! There will be some new offerings coming out soon and new ways to connect. In the meantime, please enjoy our weekly Wisdom Connections ezine. And have a wonder-filled week!


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