BOOK LIGHTS: “Get Your Woman On!” by Kimber Lim, Rosemary Bredeson, et al


“Intuition does for the transformation of our lives what the Hubble [Space Telescope] does for humanity. Everybody has a moment when they need clarity and confidence. The question at that moment is, ‘How do I achieve this?’

“The answer lies within you. Go inside. Trust what you find there. Trust that your intuition knows what you need and will show you the way. If you encounter blocks, get help in clearing them. Looking outside yourself for answers leads you away from your own empowerment, and this can keep you confused by what others tell you to do. Your clarity and confidence come from inside, from connecting your head, your heart and your gut.”

Rosemary Bredeson

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(c) Rosemary Bredeson The Scientific Mystic(tm) 2011

This quote is from my chapter in the collaborative book. ‘The answer lies within you.’ People outside of you cannot empower you! But they can be willing to take your power away from you if you give it to them. Don’t let others or the news or circumstances take away your power. Go inside and find Your Light!!!


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