Upstream or Downstream? Your Choice!

Dear Ones,

The energy of these days is spiraling upward so that more people are called to notice how they are feeling and what they are being called to do and to be. Have you paid attention to how you feel when you experience different situations? Do you tune in to your body when you are around certain people to see what your inner sense of the experience is telling you?

No longer can you gravitate toward those situations that you once thought were comfortable if you feel drawn to elevate your energy levels by making different choices. No longer can you associate with those people whose energy drains you or pulls you down when you feel as if you could be soaring with the eagles. No longer will you be living in a place where the energy is not compatible with the human being that you are evolving into when there are other places on Planet Earth that are more compatible with your new vibratory frequencies.

It is time for you to move forward in your personal growth. Is there a job, a relationship or a town that you must move beyond in order that you might continue your growth? What do you hold as a vision of your future and how compatible is the space in which you currently find yourself? What changes are you feeling called to make in your life immediately, not some day conveniently in the future?

Who are you shifting into? Where is your energetic pattern? What is the next level of growth for you?

All of these questions are important questions for you, for no human can stagnate where they currently are if they wish to remain a conscious human being. Those who choose to stagnate will actually feel as if they are swimming upstream. Those who choose to grow will be flowing downstream easily and effortlessly as they are carried by the current of 21st Century human evolution. Allowing the growth, the expansion to occur actually frees you to explore new ways of being. When you know that you can let go of old patterns of behavior then you are free to choose new modes of operation that bring you further development of the new human that you are becoming. Think of the animals that must shed their skins to grow and develop new outer bodies. You are like those animals. You must shed the skin of that which has been binding you to the underdeveloped you. Let go of that constricting shell and allow yourself to move freely as you develop the outer expression of the new ‘inner you.’ Feel how free you are when you are no longer confined to the boundaries that you previously thought defined you.

Now notice that you are attracting to yourself the kind of people who are also feeling free of restrictive boundaries and who are exploring their own personal growth experiences.

The more conscious of this growth you become the faster the growth pace accelerates. Your work becomes your play as you allow the expansion, rather than forcing or fighting that energy. The new you has its own new energy field. Everything around you will align to this new field. And everything that no longer resonates with your energy will fall away from you.

Relax. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Each day is unfolding as it must to support you in your personal growth. Start each day with gratitude for the, as yet, unknown opportunities for growth and a curiosity about what those opportunities will look like. Enjoy the process!

And so it is.


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