Today we published the first issue of Volume 3 of the Ezine. We switched to a new format and retained much of the same content. If you receive the Ezine, how do you like the new format? Didn’t Debbie McNeill do an amazing job with the reformat? Thank you, Debbie, for your diligence and creativity! I highly recommend that you consider Debbie if you need some help getting your ezine out to the world!

And, in case you aren’t receiving my Ezine you can subscribe here.

We’re in Maryland as you read this, having spent almost a week in beautiful LA. Saw our son & daughter-in-law and now are visiting daughter/son-in-law and grandkids before heading to New York City for the Claim Your Spotlight Program meeting. If you’re in any of those areas I’m available for a limited number of personal appointments there. Remember that the 2-for-1 special is available until the end of the month [June 2011]. Send me an email if you are interested. Bring a friend who pays full price for the session and you can also have time with your Muse! Good reason to bring friends and get time with Your Muse for the cost of a small business expenditure. [Besides, you two can split the cost of a session and each pays only ½ the regular fee].

Just finished the MPC retreat

Just completed the MPC Platinum Networking Event with Ali Brown and James Roche in LA. VERY powerful work! I was in the hotseat and got some tremendous ideas from Ali and James that will change how soon I move to LA. Ali taught this morning about the 7 Phases we go through when we are ready to step up to the next level of our work. This was fascinating and provided the spiritual connection to Source with the practical mastery of marketing. Notice how happy I looked at the end of the retreat! I got a lot out of it.

Remember to have fun this summer! There is an eclipse on Wednesday, June 15, the second of three between June 1 and July 1. Keep a heads up attitude as we come into this energy that supports our lifting our own vibration.




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