ROSEMARY’S DREAM (from the Blog of February 28, 2011)

I am walking through a scene of destruction.  Many women’s bodies are floating in a large pool of water, all face down so that I am looking at their backs.  Off to my right is a woman floating on her back with her mouth open.  She is groaning so I know she is still alive. Other women are tending to her.  I slosh through the water and the floating bodies to the other side and see women standing among the bodies to my left.  There is a woman next to me who is giving away containers of yogurt with different flavorings in them.  She says to eat them because they are the only food we have and we don’t know when ‘they’ will let us have more food.

I know that the men have killed the women.  There are no men in sight at the moment.  I am reluctant to take the yogurt because I am afraid it will give me diarrhea and that I’ll get dehydrated with no assurance that there will be fresh drinking water available.  I decide to forego the yogurt but am impressed with the way the women are taking care of each other.  There seems to be an apocalyptic energy of doom and yet the women are handling things, refusing to be defeated.


This dream FELT apocalyptic, even prophetic.  But the Divine Feminine refuses to be killed.  They, the Divine Feminine, will prevail precisely because the Feminine Way is to nurture and take care of others as well as self.  Rather than hoarding the yogurt and saying, ‘Mine!’ while protecting it with guns, the women in the dream were sharing what they had and taking care of each other – The Divine Feminine Way to exist in community.


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