The theme this week has ben about priorities, how to set them, how to make choices in life – for love. The first question to ask is the subject of today’s throwback! Why DO you get up in the morning and how do you establish your tasks for the day?










MUSE-INGS: You’re #1 [Priority!] by Rosemary Bredeson

How often do we hear that we are supposed to love ourselves?  And how often do we NEED to hear it?

When we get really busy, around holidays or our work’s busy season, for example, we tend to put taking care of ourselves on the back burner.  For whatever reason, and we can certainly come up with some good excuses, we just don’t get around to that ‘taking care of ourselves’ stuff!

So today I am going to ask you to join me in moving forward in the commitment to put taking care of Self at the top of the priority list.

Do you make lists?  To-do lists?  Shopping lists?  Gift lists?  Who determines the priorities on those lists?  From my studies of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis I’ve learned that our unconscious mind is in charge, whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not.  We can write a list of priorities that look the way we consciously want them to look or as we feel we ‘should’ prioritize our values, but it really is more important to determine what really matters and what really motivates us.  The list might look different, and usually does, when we work with our unconscious mind to determine our values and our priorities.

So what can you do to make sure that loving yourself makes it to the top of your priority list?  Decide.  Commit to yourself.  And do the work to examine your unconscious mind and its priorities.  Keep track of your activities one day.  Watch how you spend your time.  What is so urgent that it bumps other things off your to-do list?  See if you can put something on the list that is only about taking care of yourself. Does it get done?  Does it stay on the list or does it get pushed aside by emergencies?  Just notice.  This is not about beating yourself up but about becoming curious about exactly where your motivating forces reside within you.

Now try scheduling that ‘me time’ that you need.  What would you do with an hour, a half-hour, 15-minutes of ‘me time’?  Make an appointment with yourself for this and keep that time sacred.  It could start with a simple 5-minute meditation or a walk around the block or 15 minutes without answering emails or the phone.  I frequently take ‘tea time’ for myself.  I make myself tea and get a piece of fruit or a graham cracker and sit with a book and sip tea.  I don’t jump up to answer the phone.  I step away from the computer.  I’ve learned that everything that tries to intrude on my ‘tea time’ can wait a half-hour to be handled.

It might take some practice to ignore a ringing phone, but we do have caller ID now so, if it is an emergency you can probably detect it.  You can set certain times each day that you check email and facebook and keep to that schedule so that those activities are not eating up your ‘me time.’  What activity really feeds your spirit?  Do you like to write or read or play piano or make jewelry?  I like to do all of these things and sometimes I just need to go to the piano and play one song to give myself a break from pondering a problem or getting things done.  It’s like a meditation to get lost in the music for a few minutes.

Decide what feels good to you and then do it no matter what else tries to claim your attention or your time.  You’ll find that the energy you gain from taking time for yourself makes you more productive in your other activities.  If you break away from doing for others for a bit you can be more fully present to them when you move back into that shared space.

Let’s make Self-Love a priority and do the work it takes to keep it at the top of the list!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Love Yourself”

Dear Ones,

Be filled with the spirit of Love!  Love yourself.  Love the people around you. Love your Life.  Love the lessons that each day brings.  Make a decision to BE LOVE in the world.  Choose to spread the energy of Love.

Notice that we started with the charge to ‘Love yourself’ for all Love flows from Self-Love.  Make sure that you have dealt with any resistance that comes up for you when you hear that admonition.  ‘Love yourself’ is sometimes taken to mean that you must ignore other people or be self-ish in your dealings with them but we would tell you that loving yourself is the most loving thing that you can do for others.

If you would give until you are depleted of energy then you have nothing to give to the next person who might be in need.  If, on the other hand, you always take care of and love yourself, then your well will be full when you are truly needed to help others.  This is not self-ish.  This kind of self-love is the kind that allows you to be the most loving individual to others.

When your energy starts to flag, if you find yourself catching illnesses or seeming to be depleted or even depressed, ask yourself how you have been deficient in loving yourself.  Do you need to do something drastic to take care of yourself?  Sometimes this might take the form of a private retreat or vacation so that you can replenish your energetic connection to your True Self Within.  Sometimes it is as simple as an hour’s meditation or a long soak in a hot tub.  Do you need to work with someone to uncover your emotional needs?  Then make the appointment.  Do you need to start journaling?  Then make time in every day to do just that.

Perhaps you are just needing to get a good’s night sleep but other responsibilities are keeping you from that.  Decide what it would take to give that to yourself, such as spending a night or two away from home so that you can truly relax from responsibility, and then give that to yourself.

You know, deep inside yourself, what you are most yearning for.  Self-Love is deciding to give that to yourself.  Taking care of yourself and your inner needs is a part of realizing your mission on Planet Earth.  You came to the Planet to be an individual with a purpose to fulfill.  You cannot fulfill that purpose if your energy is spent on other endeavors.  Fill yourself up with the energy that you need.  Plan your day, your week, your month around making sure that you do not deplete your energy.  Eat, exercise, sleep, meditate, journal, take walks in Nature, listen to uplifting music, engage in a creative activity that feeds your inner being.  All of these should be a part of your daily life.  If you are putting off even one of these then examine your priorities.  Are you waiting for your schedule to free up some time so that you can do these things?  That will never happen if you are waiting for some external permission to include these activities.  Are you delaying because you feel over burdened with taking care of others? Then ask if your taking care of them is allowing them to blossom into their highest manifesting of Spirit energy on the Planet.  Also ask yourself if you have blocks or fears about stepping into the greatness that is yours to manifest in your lifetime.

Really, seriously examine your life and your priorities.  You must use every day of your life to further your personal growth.  If you keep putting off this work then look at the excuses you give yourself.

Today, as you read these words, make a commitment to yourself that you will start to look at your schedule with an eye to making sure that you are loving yourself first.  Program the rest of your time around those activities that feed your Inner Spirit.  The ‘you’ that develops from making this commitment will be the most loving, giving ‘you’ that you could ever offer to others!

And so it is.


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