ngc-2841Hello from a warm Maryland! It will be in the 80s today! We’re enjoying the flowering plants and trees and listening to the birdsong floating in the windows on the Spring breezes. What a beautiful time of year! Of course, also floating on those breezes are pollen particles that wreak havoc on noses and sinuses. Lots of folks struggling with allergies, sadly. Hope you’re not one of those.

We celebrated Mother’s Day in the US this yesterday. I remember my Mom and wish she were still with us but I also celebrate being a Mom with wonderful children and grandchildren (and another on the way this year! Woo Hoo!). And I live in gratitude for the opportunities I have had to be a ‘spiritual Mom’ to those who are not my biological children but who are close enough that that doesn’t matter. In these times we must find our spiritual family and participate as if they are our biological relatives. Spiritual DNA is powerful!

The Full Moon is on WednesdayMay 14 at 3:16 pm Eastern Daylight Time. This is a time of letting go. Give your troubles, worries, anxieties over to the Full Moon and they will diminish as the light of the Moon diminishes in the sky. Finish that Spring Cleaning that you started. Clear out the clutter from your closets as well as the corners of your mind. What beliefs are holding you back? What negative thinking tells you that you are anything less that wonderful? Let that go!!!

I am offering a special Spring Clearing Session through May to help you clear that block or get the perspective you are seeking. Send me an email and, for the special investment of only $150 for the session we’ll get you started on that clearing process. Decide that now is the time that you are ready to release what has been holding you in that stuck position.

Look for some information coming out soon about the Possibilities Playshop on June 14th and theSpiritual Science 101 program with introductory level classes to subjects like Feng Shui, Dream Interpretation,Meditation and a lot more. These are fun programs that you can join in person in Maryland AND online! More in a few days on this.

Do you work with crystals? I’m being guided to suggest that you take that Spring Clearing to your crystals, too, and get them washed, cleared and moved around. You can always put them outside under the light of the Full Moon to get a charge on them. I put new crystals (new jewelry, too) inside an amethyst geode to charge them when I bring them home. Activate your crystals during this Spring Clearing time!

Have a wonder-filled week! Share your message with the world. And, most importantly, LIVE your message!


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