Each of us is put on Planet Earth for a reason. We have someone important to BE. Our Soul agreed with the Souls around us to play a certain role in every interaction. When you figure out who you came to Earth to be, your message to others grows out of who you are BEing.

How often have you been caught up in DOing so much that you haven’t have time to think about anything except putting one foot in front of the other and getting through the day? Happens to everyone occasionally. But if you are living your daily life like this you are missing your own message, to yourself and to the world.

Sit with yourself for a few minutes and ask yourself these two questions:
1) What is MY MESSAGE to the world? And, then,
2) Am I living MY MESSAGE in my daily life?

Bob Sima, a transformational musician, has a great message for his latest CD – Put a Little More Love in the World – and Bob lives his message as he travels around the world sharing his amazing music. Everyone who encounters his gifts knows that he is living this message.

Are you clear about YOUR MESSAGE? Do you know what you want to tell the world? Think about what you would say if you knew this were your last day on Planet Earth. What would you broadcast on a radio show to the world that day? What would you want the rest of the world to know, to ponder, to act on?

What do you feel about the gifts you have been given and how you are sharing those in the world? Are you living your message?

When you ask yourself these two questions you start to glimpse how you fit into the bigger picture of what is going on in 21st Century Earth life.

You HAVE a message to share, based on your gifts, talents and purpose. Your responsibility to all those other Souls is to crystallize that message and get it out into the world. You don’t have to write songs to share your message. Live it first!

You don’t have to be famous or have a radio show or write books to share your message to the world. I think of our daughter who is an Occupational Therapist and who works with infants and toddlers with challenges, coaching the parents on how to interact with their children in the most beneficial way. She LOVES those kids with all her heart. Her message to the parents is to bring out the best in the children through love and knowledge of what to do.

Every one of us is a child within an adult and we are looking for someone to help us to be the best we can be. If your gift is to help another person and you continue to hide or to avoid reaching out because you aren’t sure of your message, then you are not serving in the highest way that you are meant to serve. If you are seeking help and don’t know where to find it, look inside yourself to your own purpose, gifts, and talents. Share your own message and you will attract others who have the very message that you are seeking/needing to hear.

Live your message this week. Ask for help if you need to get clarity on what your message, purpose, gifts and talents are. Other Souls are waiting for you.


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