magellanic streamWe’ve moved! Or perhaps I should say, We’re still moving! It’s been a wild time as we get all our belongings together in one place, our new home. Although we thought we had downsized a lot before the move from Colorado to storage, it’s obvious that we have a lot more downsizing to do. We’ll be having a ‘moving IN sale’ soon.

And we’re simplifying our life. That is the main value we hold when we are making decisions about whether or not to hold onto a ‘thing’ – will this complicate or simplify our life?

I do wear purple and red, especially when I’ve unpacked them and can’t find anything else! We spend so much time looking for a particular item that we’d probably be much further along if we just spent our time unpacking everything.

But have you ever noticed that it’s the deciding that takes the most time, not the physical work? What will we use this room for? Where is the most efficient place for this thing to live? What do we need immediate access to and what can be stored in the garage until Christmas?

Do you ever have trouble making decisions? Well, that’s what I’m here to help you do. Just as we are constantly consulting our guides, I invite you to have a reading with me as we consult the guides who can help YOU to make the best decisions. Find your purpose, learn your next step, feel confident that you are on the right path or make a necessary adjustment. NOW is the time to get all the information you can and you can benefit from the guidance available from angels and spirit guides whenever we consult them.

Because August is my birthday month I’m giving you the opportunity to have a reading at a very special investment – $65! Let me help you get some answers to help you make the decisions you need to make today. I’m offering a limited number of these special sessions so be sure to reserve yours now! Here’s where:Click to Purchase

We’re between the New Moon [August 6] and the Full Moon [August 20] so the energy is growing just as the Moon is getting larger in the sky each night. Pay attention to what you are enlarging in your life – is it a conscious choice? Do you really need more? Use the growing Moon energy to help you grow that which you choose to grow in your life.

August 15 is a special day to honor Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine. Tune in that day to the feminine part of yourself, whether you are male or female, and be nurturing to yourself and others while also being receptive. The Divine Feminine will support you.

Have a beautiful week! We’ll be unpacking…



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