Arp 142Whew! Summer has arrived and it’s been pretty hot here in Maryland. I’m not a fan of warm, humid weather so I’m wishing I had an air-conditioned bubble in which to travel so that I wouldn’t have to feel this heat. And lest you think I complain about the cold weather, too, I don’t. You can always add clothing to get warm but there’s only so much you can take off…

We had a lot of celestial events last week and now Mercury is in retrograde motion. This means that the planet Mercury, when viewed from Earth, appears to travel backwards in the sky. That’s a metaphor for what happens with communications when Mercury is retrograde – they can get all backwards! Be careful what you are signing, writing, speaking. And because Mercury is retrograde everyone will be focusing inward so drive defensively. This is a great time to go inside and do that inner work that you might have been putting off. It’s also a good time to complete unfinished projects. Mercury doesn’t move forward until July 20 so be vigilant!

In the US we’re celebrating our Independence Day on July 4. What do you do to celebrate? My family’s tradition is to watch the Severna Park parade with the whole extended family. It’s fun to remember my Mom, who passed away in 2000, as she cheered for the parade every year. Please be careful and safe as you observe the holiday! And, since it is usually hot, I’ve decided it’s okay to stay inside in the air-conditioning and watch fireworks on TV! We also watch the movie ‘1776’ every year to remind us of the struggle for independence that the founding fathers endured. It’s also a really good movie.

NEXT CONVERSATION WITH THE OTHER SIDE: will be in Annapolis and ONLINE on Saturdayevening, July 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. I hope that those of you who have been unable to join us during the weekday events will be able to carve some time out of a busy Summer weekend to receive some guidance from an angel, a guide, a loved one who has crossed over. At a Conversation several years ago John Adams came with a message for a participant and he might reappear in honor of Independence Day this time. We’ve had pets, future selves, giant angels, little cherubs and lots of members of family trees arrive with their guidance for the individuals and the group. Each attendee receives a personal message. If you haven’t attended a Conversation yet, or if it’s been awhile since you participated, then join us on July 13 for a fun an d enlightening evening! Get more info here

Richard & I are a month away from moving into our new home in Severna Park. We’ll be highlighting some new offerings from that space so stay tuned for the announcements. [Of course, if you’d like to help us move August 1-4, you’d be welcome! And, yes, once again, we’re moving on our mutual birthday August 2.]

Have a fireworks kind of week, the good kind! And stay safe & cool.



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