light echoWe’re ready for June and the graduations, weddings and Summer celebrations that that brings. The weather in Maryland has really heated up into the 90s with high humidity. Have you guessed yet that I really prefer cooler weather? Maybe I should visit Down Under where it’s heading into Winter. But with the heat comes the afternoon thunderstorm that clears away all the pollen and leaves behind fresh air – usually.

Last week’s Full Moon/Eclipse was like a Summer thunderstorm, blowing in and storming for a bit and helping to clear the air. Did you feel it? Everyone around here did in some way. It was potent! And we cannot go back to the way things were before. We are transformed and transforming. There is only moving forward.

This week is relatively quiet in the heavens so we get a bit of a respite after that Eclipse! This will be a good time, though, to connect with our deep inner feelings of self-worth, that Inner Splendor that I call the Inner Light. Self-analysis and emotional release help us to move forward with consciousness into whatever is next for us. Are you ready to do that introspection?

June 5 is the anniversary of the passing of my Father. He died in 1983, 7 weeks before Richard & I were married. We still miss him, but he visits when he has a message for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up at June’s Conversation with The Other Side on June 14! [Just in time for Father’s Day.]

Join us in Annapolis or online for the Conversation with The Other Side where you will receive a message of guidance from someone in another dimension. It might be an angel or a spirit guide or YOUR loved one who has crossed over. Places are filling up and the space is limited because everyone does receive a personal message, although this is a fun group event and each message can have relevance for every participant. We’ve even had famous folks show up to teach the group – John Adams, Stradivari – so we never know who will join us! Here’s how YOU can learn more and register to join us on Friday, June 14 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time: Details

I’m planning a Weekend Retreat in the Fall for a small group of women to head to the ocean and Come Back To Center! Still working on a venue so stay tuned. Hope to have a date nailed down soon. There are some fun and transformative activities planned and some great women are planning to be a part of this, so do look for the info coming soon!

Have a great June! If you’ve been following my posts on facebook you know we’ve spent the last week at school concerts with grandkids. School is out soon so the Summer activities are about to begin. Try being a kid again and see how it feels! 



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