Solar Eclipse 7-11-2010Happy Friday!  We’re still in the energy of yesterday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse so don’t be surprised if there are some shifts happening.  Aches, pains, illnesses, migraines, fatigue – these might all be signs that you’re being impacted by this major celestial event.  Coastal Flood Warnings are common here in Annapolis on the Chesapeake Bay as the Moon affects the tides.  And since we humans are mostly water…

From our astrologer friend, Steve Nelson, comes this bit of wisdom for these times:  An eclipse is Mother Nature’s most powerful editing tool. When an eclipse occurs above, outmoded patterns get eclipsed here below. This eclipse begins a month of world changing events with many major breakdowns and wonderful breakthroughs. Old patterns break, new worlds emerge.

Now is the time.  What are you waiting for?  The stars to align?  The heavens to support you?  It’s here!

The best way to deal with huge celestial events is to go inside and do some self-examination.  It’s a good thing to ask a guide to help you in this process if you really want to get the serious work done.  I’m finding a lot of people who’ve known me for awhile without working with me saying, ‘I feel that I need to make an appointment with you now.’  These are the energies – Let’s get ‘er done!  Remember, if you’re feeling it’s time to do the work, you can start with a Complimentary Discovery Session with me to explore what direction is the right one for you to take.  No cost!  Click Here to Apply and I’ll get back to you soon to get this phone call on our calendars.

If you know you’ve got someone else renting space in your brain [see today’s Exploration] then join us on Monday, May 20th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time for an Online Conversation with The Other Side and get in touch with the guidance you need to return a story to someone on The Other Side or learn how to grow by hearing a message from your angels and spirit guides.  These fun and educational events are great times to get some information and everyone in the group is supposed to hear all the messages of the evening [plus I’ll be doing some teaching during our time together].  We’ve already got folks in Colorado and Maryland joining us but there are still some spaces left. This is a very limited event so the group stays intimate.  You can participate by computer or phone or in person if you’re in the Annapolis area.  Click Here for the details. Hope to ‘see’ you on the 20th!

Happy Mothers’ Day on Sunday, May 12th!  This is not only a time to honor our own mother but to expand that thought and honor Mother Earth, the Divine Mother, and all energies and manifestations of the Divine Feminine Energy on Earth.  Think of creation and what you are birthing into the Universe, with your feminine energy whether you are male or female.  Honor your Inner Mother!  And may all the human mothers have a wonderful day celebrating you and your gifts to the world!

If you’re in the Annapolis area, Richard will be offering 2 different Qigong classes starting in June.  Send an email if you’d like specifics.  We’d love to have you join us!

Blessed Times of Change are here.  Be gentle with yourself!



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