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It’s May and I can’t believe that 2013 is already 1/3 over!  Time really IS speeding up!

We are enjoying a beautiful Spring here in Maryland.  Lots of sailboats are already out on the rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.  Plans are afoot for cookouts and Summer gatherings.  Our grandson was asking each of us what temperature was our favorite.  [His was 81 degrees.]  It feels as if we here in the Northern Hemisphere are coming out of our Winter cocoons and expanding in the increasing Sun light.  How are you shining your Light into the world?

On May 9, 2013 at 8:29 pm Eastern Daylight Time there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse, where the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun for a time and the Sun light appears to be blocked.  This Solar Eclipse ends a cycle and begins a new one.  Look back at what was happening in your life on May 10, 1994 for some clues about your personal evolution.  We are being invited to release the past, clear negative thought patterns and whatever else might be holding us back from expanded consciousness and evolution.  According to The Mountain Astrologer magazine,  Eclipses also affect cellular memory, facilitating our awakening and remembrance of our soul’s blueprint.  Do you know your Soul Purpose?  Have you had a Scientific Hand Analysis reading to discover your Purpose and your Life Lesson?  Using the energy of this Eclipse you can experience some profound insights to help you leap forward along your spiritual journey.

This is also a good time to get into the work of clearing those old tapes that play Mom’s voice or that family tree idea that no longer serves you.  Get the blocks moved along so you can walk through the next Door of Opportunity that you see.

To explore your Next Step in the clearing of blocks or to determine your Soul Purpose with a Hand Analysis session, let’s schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session and chat for free about your situation.  Here’s where to apply: APPLICATION

I hope you are enjoying the Hubble Space Telescope pictures that we include each week in this Muse Letter.  Although it has been awhile since I worked on the project for NASA, I still love to see what new discoveries are being revealed to us as we peer into the Universe beyond the distortions of Earth’s atmosphere.  It’s a lot like the work I do with clients – I reach beyond what you can see to bring back information that lives outside the distortion of those pesky blocks so we can identify clearly your next step.  Plus, the pictures are still just amazingly AWESOME, don’t you think?

Take care of yourself as we experience the New Moon and Solar Eclipse energies this week.  What are you ready for?



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