hubble-ngc4261Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow, Saturday, February 23 at 4:41 am Eastern Standard Time!  Are you ready?  Have you already been feeling the effects?  This is one of the periods during the year when it appears from Earth as if the Planet Mercury is moving backwards  between us and the Sun.  (It isn’t really going backwards!)  Some folks get very uptight when this happens and look for communications to be garbled and mail/email to go astray, but that’s what they’re looking for.  The rest of us decide that we’ll be careful, review every communication (if you find typos in this MuseLetter, please blame them on Mercury!) and use this time to do inner work.  I know an artist who LOVES Mercury Retrograde – she gets her most creative inspiration during this time, maybe because she shuts down external communications.  It’s all in how you perceive this.

So because a lot of people will be distracted for the next three weeks or so, do be careful of what you are writing or signing or committing to (contracts).  And other drivers will be turning inward to be a defensive driver and stay alert yourself.  Watch for signs!

We’re very excited about the Rainbow Balance Color Therapy Class that is starting up on March 7 in the Annapolis, Maryland area!  Some cool people have already signed up so I know it will be a fun class.  We’ll be working with color intuition and learning how to discern the color frequency that we need to use to bring ourselves into balance and what form to use to introduce that color into our body and/or environment.  There will be fun exercises and visualizations and plenty of time for playing with color.  If you’re interested in working with color for healing, for yourself and/or others, there are still some spots available.  The Early Bird Discounted investment is good un til March 1 so be sure to register before then to get the best value!  Here’s where you can find more information: Color Therapy Class.  Hope you can join us!  And if you don’t live in the area, we’ll be offering this same class online later in the Spring and you can participate then.

I’m just back from my writing retreat where I went off with the dog for 4 days to get the new book underway.  It was wonderful!!! [Richard was studying qigong is going to be certified soon as a teacher – stay tuned for more info!]  So watch for the book to come out later this year – From Astrophysics to Metaphysics.

Some new offerings coming up in March – Kirtan, Satsang and another online Conversation with The Other Side.  Stay tuned for details!

And be ready for the Full Moon on Monday, February 25 at 3:26 pm Eastern Standard Time.  This is the time to release old ways of thinking.  What physical stuff represents the old you?  Get rid of it this week!



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