hubble deep field

Hello and happy mid-February!  I hope you have fared well in the recent storms and wild weather.  We’re skirting the worst of the winter weather here so far, thankfully.  Still another month to the beginning of Spring and the Aries energy of New Beginnings – looking forward to it!

But first the Sun, representing our Self, enters the sign of Pisces on Monday, February 18.  The keywords for Pisces are: sensitive, intuitive, emotional, escapist, imaginative, impressionable, compassionate.  Use this month to explore these aspects of your personality and get in touch with your dreamy part.  This is a good time to explore your nighttime dreams and your visions for your future.

I’m going on another retreat!  I will be holing up at my sister’s house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland again and will be focused on writing my next book.  If you don’t hear from me for a few days, please know that I am tied to the quill and ink as I capture on paper [okay, in the computer] the book I hope to get to the publisher this Summer.  Sometimes it is best to simply disconnect from the busy-ness of life to get something moving, and this is one of my dreams coming true.

If you are in the Annapolis, Maryland area please join us for the Rainbow Balance Color Therapy Class on 4 Thursdays in March.  We’ll be exploring using intuition to determine color vibrations for healing and focusing our energies.  There’s more information here: Color Therapy Class  We’ll be offering this class online later in Spring so stay tuned if you’re not in the Maryland area!

There’s still time to get your 15 for 50 Compass Call on the schedule!  Let me know if you’d like to spend 15 minutes on the phone with me for only $50 and we’ll determine the next step for your path to your dreams!  Here’s how to reserve your spot:

Have a wonder-filled week!  And get ready for the Mercury Retrograde that starts on February 23 – more on that next week!



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