EXPLORATION: Money Wisdom for 2013 – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s exploration article this week (yesterday’s post)  is profoundly simple; and it is profoundly deep and challenging.

This money consciousness, the advice of the Sirius Mystery Temple teachers, is not really new. The basic tenants here are “be wise with your money, be generous, ‘neither a borrower nor lender be’, and don’t forget to have some fun.”  This is time-tested wisdom; even Shakespeare offered some of this advice!

This one simple rule about borrowing/lending was violated by our granddaughter recently; the holiday gift giving, receiving, buying was the root cause of her borrowing money from her brother (“The Banker”). Then she became very upset with him when he reminded her of the debt and his interest in collecting. Their exchange created quite a row at the dinner table.

Then there is the National debate and negotiations around the debt ceiling and the gigantic deficit this country operates under. Wow, where is Shakespeare (or Bill Clinton) when we need him!

Loans, deficits, collections aside, the real challenge here is the belief part.

We live in a consumer driven world (how often do we hear the phrase “global economy” these days?). And despite some hints that this drive may be slowing, we continue to consume at a powerful pace that threatens our very existence. And we need money to consume, even to provide the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and some entertainment (to have fun, right?). But isn’t this whole consumer/economic model in which we operate based on a “belief system”? We believe that it is a reasonable economic model to work hard to gain money to buy the things we need and want. Money is the simple exchange mechanism to score the work and reward with the consumables.

But, what if we challenge the most basic tenet here: “money is a scoring system used to judge success”? Beliefs are choices we make. The world has chosen to agree that money is an exchange medium which brokers the deal between work and reward, and to believe in this system. OK, we are probably not going to change this approach any time soon, but my point is even the very underpinnings of our money philosophy are resting on a belief!

A more practical step here is to move up to a slightly higher belief and examine the concept of money as energy. The energy of our work translates to an energy of money (exchange) translates to energy of the things we buy: food, shelter, gasoline, etc. It’s all energy! And this slight shift in our belief about money can break the vicious cycle that money is “reward”, “measure”, “judgment”, “score”, and all the other negative associations we can apply to this energy exchange medium. In fact money is nothing more than an equal sign between operands of the equation with work on one side and return on the other.

(Of course the real meaning and measure of “work” does need to be considered on the left side of the equation. But this is a subject for a different discussion!)

What does it mean to shift our belief to “money is energy”? All energy in the Universe has a cycle to it. There is a vibration involved in everything that moves from the smallest particle to the Universe itself. Rotation and expansion, a throb is the core of existence. When we look at money this way, as having a vibration, a glow, like gold, then we realize it has to move. If it’s static it does nothing; it becomes dead, even a drain. Money wants life; as an exchange it is useless if not operating between work and return.

And this exchange is alive with negotiation, with the give and take (the vibration) of determining value. Again, the money has no intrinsic value. The value is in the “work” and the “return.” The key is in the evaluation of the two sides of the equation; the equal sign, the money, is only the operating agent in the middle.

The challenge for me and the change I am attempting to embrace for 2013 is to discard my belief that money is the object rather than the operator. Sure we all want money, more money. But why is this so? Aren’t we really more interested in negotiating the values of our “work” and our “return.” I’m shifting my beliefs to the two ends of the equation and interjecting some objectivity into my beliefs. Maybe then some of the emotional responses I too often exhibit can be shifted!

Money is only energy! Can you believe that?

PS: If you want more wisdom from The Divine Feminine, The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers and other sources Rosemary draws upon, you might be interested in Eight Recordings of channeled teaching, guidance for 2013, given to Rosemary at the end of 2012. Explore this opportunity here.


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