Happy New Moon TODAY!!!  At 2:45 pm Eastern Standard Time we’ll have a New Moon, where the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun and all we can see is a dark side of the Moon (reflecting no sunlight).  Astrologically, this means that the Sun and Moon are in the same astrological sign, Capricorn.  The Sun, our Self, and the Moon, our Heart, are focusing the same energies for us.  Use this time to invite in new ways of being in 2013.  Release the past and live in this present moment.  These New Moon energies will support you.

2013 is only 11 days old and already everyone seems to be excited about new possibilities.  My mentoring clients are leaping forward this year – kudos to you!  And everyone who is having Scientific Hand Analysis sessions is committing to live their Soul Purpose NOW.  Woo Hoo!

This is an exciting time to be on Planet Earth.  We’ve made it through the transformative time of 2012 and now we get to move into manifesting our Purpose with all the energy of the new times, the new consciousness of humanity.

What are you doing that is new in 2013?

Let’s dispense with resolutions and resolve to listen to our inner guidance in every moment.  Follow your intuition.  Ask for help.  Seek guidance and wisdom.  Learn to BE who you came to Earth to BE and let your to do list flow from BEingness.

If you’d like some guidance to start the New Year right, here’s what I’m offering to help15 for $50.  Let’s chat for 15 minutes and download the laser focus for your 2013 in real time for you!  [My coaching clients pay much more than this hourly rate.]  I opened up a limited number of sessions to help you get the year started with the best information to help you right now, in January, as you move into the energies of 2013.  You’ll be amazed at how much information you can get in 15 minutes. Here’s the link to register and I’ll get back to you to schedule the phone call:

Have a great New Moon week taking care of YOU in the New Year!!!



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