MUSE-INGS: What is YOUR Reality?

Have you ever considered that maybe your view of ‘reality’ doesn’t match everyone else’s view?  And could there actually be more than one ‘realities’?

We see a lot of people in the current times declaring that they have a corner on the reality market and that those who don’t agree with them should just ‘leave the country’!  Hmmm….  How enlightened is that perspective?

The fact is that we are all on a trajectory toward a future that we co-create with the Universal Infinity, whether you call that partner God or The Universe or Spirit or Goddess or Source or any other name.  You don’t have to believe anything about this, just as you don’t have to believe in Gravity – you just operate and the Universal Force operates, too.  I guarantee that, unless you are on a spacecraft out beyond the Earth’s pull, if  you drop something, Gravity will take it to the floor!

If your reality is shaped by your experiences and your beliefs, then you can examine what you believe to be ‘real’ and change it, right?  This is the purpose of personal growth work – to examine what you believe and take charge of your thoughts so that you can create your desired reality in your life and the world around you.  If your unconscious mind controls the subconscious actions then wouldn’t you want to examine what those actions are being based on?

I work with a lot of enlightened entrepreneurs who have figured out that doing their personal growth work IS investing in their business.  If your business or relationship or life decisions are happening at the unconscious level because of beliefs that you hold from childhood experiences, then you might want to update those beliefs with up-to-date information!

And everyone around you has the same  dilemma – 21st Century choices can be based on early childhood misconceptions.  It is interesting, though, that sometimes those who hold most tightly to their opinions about reality are the ones who are most fearful of deep examination of the source of those very opinions.  They hide behind their belief that they know their reality and there is no need to question further.

But the explorer, the person who lives in the state of curiosity and inquiry about their own being and the world around them, has the richer life.  There is always something new to be discovered, something that might reinforce a belief or something that calls that belief into question. Either way, the explorer stays in the joy of discovery and excitement.

Decide to become an explorer, beginning with the inner exploration that is always a rich experience.  Reinforce or reinvent decisions based on the new information you have gained through a lifetime.  Do you really want your inner 6-year-old running your life today?

Devote yourself to curious inquiry into new thought around you.  Quantum Physics is now proving what we’ve known in Metaphysics for thousands of years.  Aren’t your curious about that?  NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), a technique I use to help people make desired changes, is based on quantum physics and neurobiology.  Isn’t that exciting?

Who are you REALLY?  What REALITY do you want to create for yourself?  You have the power today!

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