BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Evolutionary Journey: A Personal Guide to a Positive Future” by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The constant newness provided by the new frontier, the excitement of the unknown as a daily companion, will stimulate the intellect, perhaps carrying into adulthood the curiosity and boundless learning capacity of the child to whom all the world is new. For an evolving, self-designing community in space, every day is genuinely different. Deadly boredom, which instigates so much pettiness and loss of innovation in bureaucratic institutions, may be overcome as we enter a continuously evolving, or co-creative, way of life in the infinity of the Universe.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

While Hubbard was speaking of creating communities in space, and writing in 1982, we can look at the wisdom of re-inventing community according to ‘the excitement of the unknown’ that overcomes boredom and pettiness and loss of innovation because we become co-creative with the Universe. The new community invites us to imagine and dream the reality we wish to experience and then to make that manifest by removing the blocks (in our thinking) that are holding us back. Dream your reality FORWARD into what it can be!!!


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