MUSE-INGS: Think Magically!

Sometimes I wish I could ‘wave my Magic Wand’ and make all the difficulties of this life disappear! Wouldn’t that be nice?

But I guess I wouldn’t be learning these lessons if I weren’t encountering some difficulties. And I do accept that we are here to learn lessons.

Perhaps the most important lesson to learn is that we HAVE a Magic Wand! Think how empowering it is to really trust that we can manage our thoughts and impact our world.

Now, I’m not talking about turning that guy who cut me off in traffic into a toad or stealing something I like from someone else. [And maybe it’s a good thing we DON’T do that on a whim!] But I do believe that our thoughts are powerful things, energized to magnetize and attract what they contain in their essence.

How many times have you thought about a person and that person appears or phones or emails? Coin cidence? I don’t think so! You waved your Magic Wand and they appeared!

Or have you ever had someone say, ‘Let’s go out for Chinese food!’ and you answered, ‘I was just wishing I could get that amazing spicy chicken dish at PF Changs!’? You think you want Chinese food, and someone picks up on that thought and suggests the very thing you were thinking. Could be spooky.

Now think about a time when you worried about something and then it happened. Have you ever said, ‘I just know that ___’ [fill in this blank: it’s going to rain, they’ll be out of that sale item, nobody will show up, etc.] and had that very thing happen? Have you ever heard yourself say, ‘See? I knew it would be that way!’?

One thing about the Universe is true. It operates the way it operates, whether you believe it or not. It’s like gravity. You drop something and it falls to the ground. Do you have t o believe in gravity? Do you have to understand gravity? Even physics professors can’t explain why gravity works but they know how it operates.

So it is really immaterial whether or not you believe you have a Magic Wand that is the aggregate of your thoughts. It operates that way.

The lesson is to learn to focus your thoughts on what you desire, dream, wish.

The new brain science findings tell us that we can shift our thoughts by noticing them, saying, ‘Stop!’ and then redirecting them to a replacement thought. The more you think a particular thought, the more entrenched that neural pathway becomes in your brain. This is why obsessing about a thought makes it more and more difficult to move off of that thought – your brain gets stuck in a rut! But if you are living a Conscious Life, you practice catching yourself in an undesired thought, you say, ‘Stop!’ and you move over into another neural pathway and re inforce the new one with the new thought. The more you practice this, the more deeply entrenched the desired thought [neural pathway] becomes in your brain, and the easier it is to get to the new thought instead of the old.

This is science, not woowoo. And it’s pretty magical!

I’ve worked with clients who struggle with shifting into this new way of operating, but, once they do, they are amazed at how much better life becomes. It’s not about changing the situations – it’s about changing how we THINK about the situations so the situations can change.

This is the fundamental lesson. You are magical! You have a powerful Magic Wand! And you can control the magic by controlling your thoughts.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

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