MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: YOU are a WIZARD!!!

Dear Ones,

Remember the magic. There is magic in your life, right now, today, appearing all around you.

Some people call it ‘coincidence.’ Others ‘serendipity.’ Some say ‘chance.’ Others ‘luck.’ But it is all MAGIC.

You are a magical being. Think of yourself as the Wizard of the World, in your own life and in your own world. You wave your Magic Wand and make things happen around you.

Are you disbelieving that this is so?

Your Magic Wand is the aggregate of your thoughts. You are waving this wand at all times. What you are thinking is moving out into the world to manifest even as you have the thought. YOU are the director of this magical story and you send your thoughts out to attract and find their essence.

Are you thinking about that which you lack? The energy that flows off the tip of your Magic Wand is the energy of lack. It floats away and creates the energetic match to ‘lack.’

Are you thinking about how terrible a situation is in your life? The energy that flows off the tip of your Magic Wand is the energy of what is terrible in that situation and creates the matching energy.

Once you realize that you are always holding the power of your Magic Wand you will consciously choose the energy that you flow out from the tip of that wand. Why would you flow anything other than the energy of what you desire in your life?

This does not mean that there are not occasions where some things do not go as you wish, but you must attach your thoughts to what it is you do wish, not to what does not match. There are two reasons for these occasions to arise.

The first is to bring you a lesson that you need to learn. You might be wishing for something and yet a part of you is not in congruence with that wish. This incongruence will send out a confu sing energy pattern and the lesson will arise for you to learn, to self-examine so that you can resolve the confusion and learn your lesson. Afterwards, you might want to modify your desires based on the new understanding you achieve from learning the lesson.

The second reason is that there are other human beings with free will who are waving their own magic wands into the Universe. You and your Soul Group, the group of Souls who have agreed to share lessons in this lifetime, are helping each other to learn lessons and you might be the instructor in someone else’s lesson. At these times, you must remain in your own learning mode and model standing in your truth. If you allow yourself to be drawn off course you will miss your own lessons and your Magic Wand will start sending off unconscious energy instead of the consciousness of what you desire.

So are you ready to get out there and be the Wizard of the World of your own Life? Know that you are su pported in this. Your thoughts are acting on your behalf at all times. Take charge of your thoughts. Bring them into alignment with your dreams and vision for your own life. Remove the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that block the sending out of pure intention for what you wish to bring into your life.

Seek the support of like-minded individuals and groups who will support you in living your magical life. THIS is what humanity is evolving toward. You are making magic for the 21st Century!

And so it is.

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