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Happy Blue Moon! Today is the second Full Moon in the month of August so you get two chances this month to release what doesn’t serve you. As the Moon starts to wane [appear smaller in the sky] allow yourself to let go – of thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs, relationships, jobs, clutter and ‘stuff’ – anything that isn’t helping you on your path of personal growth. You’re getting a double message this month to move it out of your energy space!

My husband and I have been purging for over a year now, and are down to a minimum of belongings [well, maybe not a real ‘minimum’ but certainly a lot less!] and it does feel good. Now we’re turning to the offerings we’ve been creating for everyone in RosemarySpace and deciding what to pare down here as well.

If you’ve enjoyed The Daily Muse inspirational video emails, we are moving to a weekly format and adding some additional material for you in The Weekly Muse-Letter, still FREE. You don’t have to do anything! And, if you weren’t receiving The Daily Muse before, you can subscribe toThe Weekly Muse-Letter here: Click to Subscribe

And the Wisdom Connections Ezine will be morphing in a few weeks as well. Stay tuned! The Weekly Muse-Letter subscribers are receiving some sample issues to see how helpful the messages from The Divine Feminine can be every week.

When the New Moon comes in September, just before the Spring Equinox, we’ll be starting up some new programs to help you finish 2012 with the most information and guidance we can provide. I have scheduled a free teleseminar with a channeled message from The Divine Feminine and an open period for questions. On this free call you’ll hear me deliver the information and guidance that The Divine Feminine want to give you to help you understand what is going on in 2012 and what you are called to do. This should be exciting! And we will open the call up for Questions and Answers after the message so you can ask a personal question on the call. The call is scheduled for September 17, 2012, at 8:00 pm Eastern/5:00 pm Pacific times. Click to Register.

Happy Labor Day to the countries that celebrate the worker! And aren’t we all workers, especially when we are living our Soul Purpose? So CELEBRATE YOU!!!!!

P.S. As always, I am available to help you make great decisions for your relationships, career, finances and life! Let’s do a no-cost chat to discover what your next steps are! Here’s how to apply for your complimentary Discovery Session: Click to Apply


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