MUSE-INGS: Choose What to See

It seems to come up all the time. Choose how you feel. Access the ‘feeling state of joy.’ Stiff upper lip and all that. Feel better.

I’ve heard people tell someone who has lost a loved one, ‘When are you going to move on?’ as though that grief is supposed to be done on someone else’s time table.

You might be reading this ezine thinking, ‘Well, that’s all right for others but my life really sucks right now and so I can’t choose to feel anything different.’

But you CAN.

This is the great truth. It’s okay to feel what you feel when something in life brings you pain. AND it’s okay to imagine that you can have something different as a choice.

Just because you are in a situation at the present moment doesn’t mean that you have to stay there forever. And just because you are in certain circumstances does not mean that your every thought has to be focused on those circumstances. Why not give yourself a breather?

Right now. No matter what is going on. Take a moment to go into peripheral vision and access more resources. Choose a point on the opposite wall that is up above you and tighten your vision until you are totally focused on that point. Really tighten up your focus. Now, keeping you eyes on that point, relax the muscles around your eyes and expand your awareness to the sides of that point, to the sides of the room, while keeping your eyes on the point. Relax. You can extend your awareness to incorporate much of the space around you while still looking at the original point of focus. You are taking in much more information that you were when you were tightly focused.

The Hawaiians call this ‘hakalau,’ a meditation form that the kahunas use. It brings into awareness what is in the peripheral vision and is very useful when driving or walking through a crowded mall. It also has an effect on your nervous system. You cannot do ‘fight or flight’ when you are in peripheral vision.

Think about this the next time you believe you have no other choices. Are you focused so tightly on one point that you are in tunnel vision and can’t see the forest for the tree? Go into peripheral vision. Take a moment and give yourself the experience of hakalau. What comes into your awareness that you hadn’t seen before? What other choices are around you?

And if you can’t see another choice, make one up! Your Unconscious Mind is trusting you to give it good data. Why ask it to store away images of what you don’t want? Your Unconscious Mind isn’t judging anything as good or bad, it just takes what you give it and saves it for you.

Maybe today is the day to make the choice to give your Unconscious Mind some fabulous images to store in your very own My Ideal Day TV Show! Think of it as your mental DVR saving the shows you want to replay whenever you choose.

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