MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Star in Your Own TV Show

Dear Ones,

Your heart is always full. Is it full of joy or despair or anger or irritation? You get to choose.

One of the greatest lessons of the human life is the lesson of the choice of emotions. Most human beings are born and die believing that they are at the mercy of their feelings. This could not be further from the truth of human consciousness, but most die still unconscious.

Tragedies happen. Issues arise. Great happiness comes. There are betrayals. There is fun. There are times of security and of insecurity. This is the human experience. What allows a human being to grow is the choice of response to these events.

At this moment, tap into your heart and examine your feelings. Are you content? Are you curious? Are you rushed? Are you impatient? Do you hurt? Are you scared? All of these and more are possible feelings you might be having.

Now, decide how you would rather feel. Can you imagine it? Can you picture it? Even if you are convincing yourself that it is not true, can you at least get a sense of what that would feel like IF you could choose to feel it? Just picture it as if you are watching a TV show of ‘This Is Your Ideal Moment Now.’ This TV show allows you to be writer, director and star. Pretend. Make something up. Go as far as you wish, providing you do not wish to harm another.

Your Unconscious Mind responds to the pictures you feed it with your thoughts. It responds as if you are really ‘seeing’ what you project onto the screen of your mind. Why not choose to project the scenes in which you wish to star?

And when you are feeling deliriously happy store that memory in your mental TV guide. Give it what you would like it to be as a scenario. Ramp up the feeling and tuck that away so that you can access it later when the circumstances of life are not bringing you to that place from the outside. It will always exist on the inside.

Be aware that nothing in the human life lasts forever. No matter what you are experiencing in this moment it is a part of this moment that you are choosing to bring into focus. There are many other choices available to you in this moment whether you see them or not.

So focus on the choices that you want to have in your TV show. Create many shows for yourself: My Family Show, My Career Show, Friends Forever Show, My Creative Outlets, My Vacation Show, My Money Show. Take your Show on the road and tune into it whenever you need to make a different choice about what is in your focus at any given time.

No antenna needed!

And so it is.

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