We’re in Colorado for the “big move.” And we are making good progress. Somehow everything is falling into place. Trust is always a huge factor!

***Packing up in Colorado for the big move!***
Until July 31, 2012 We are here in Colorado for the next couple of weeks preparing for the final move out of our Colorado Springs house and letting it go to a nice young couple who lost all their possessions in the Waldo Canyon Wildfire. Now we are making all the choices about what to pack, what to sell and what to leave behind. It’s an arduous task but so freeing to only hold what we truly want and to let all the rest of it go!

Once we have done all the sorting we are looking forward to packing help from all our dear friends here. It will be a good chance to say our thanks and our good-byes. If you have some time we’d love to see you!

We are truly blessed in so many ways; we have our possessions to sort through! And we are ever in deep gratitude for all we receive!

Consider offering some help!

***The Daily Muse***
Every weekday morning I show up in your email queue, but only if you have subscribed! Yes, I post a daily video message of inspiration on my website. And you too can receive it by subscribing below. The messages are short, one-to-two minutes, to help jump-start your day with a smile, a new idea, creative energy to help you live more consciously. And they are FREE!

Here’s what Lisa, who is with the Army and just returning to Colorado Springs from Afghanistan, had to say about a recent message on trust:

I’m happy to be back so I can move forward with my goals with my home, physical, and spiritual. I’ve had a year to manifest everything, and it’s all falling into place.

If you are already a subscriber I’d love to hear what you are getting from these messages!

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***Back to Maryland to stay!***
August 2, 2012 I will be flying back on our mutual birthday to pick up where I left off in rebuilding the business and moving the Spiritual Study Center (Church of A New Alliance) to Maryland. I’ll be leaving Richard and son, James to the task of loading a truck and driving our remaining collection of “stuff” eastward.

The Spiritual Study Center is a “church” Richard and I created in Colorado as a 501(c)(3) organization. Now that our move back to Maryland is in the completion process we will be ramping up the actities of the Center again.

I hope you will be a part of this rebirth! Learn more at the website.

Learn more about Church of A New Alliance

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