Hello from Colorado Springs. We are here to move out of the house that survived the wildfire. The devastation is amazing, but so is the contrast with a block like ours where it appears as if nothing has happened. The people who are buying our house lived about 200 feet away from here and lost everything. And yet our house is in perfect condition. The deer and bunnies were back in the yard drinking at the pond. The grass is green, the deck is perfect. The only word I can think of is ‘surreal.’

And we are in great gratitude! We are sorting through our belongings now, making decisions about what to take to Maryland and what to let go of. What a perfect thing to do during a Mercury Retrograde and as we experience the New Moon in Cancer! The New Moon was Thursday, July 19th at 12:24 am Eastern Time and the energy carries through for 3 days after that. This is when you can invite in something new, something new to see, believe, or feel. As you read the messages in today’s ezine, ask yourself if there is something in your life about which you would like to have a new perspective. Invite that new perspective in!

I’ll be returning to Maryland on August 2nd, Richard’s and my mutual birthday. Our son, James, is helping his Dad drive the truck containing the rest of our belongings. And after that our center of operations will be the East Coast – hurray!

In honor of my birthday, I’m offering the first 10 readers who request it, a 20-minute reading for only $64 [my new age –arrrggghhhh!!!!!]. If you would like to take advantage of this deep discount (value is $147) please Click Here and use WHENIM64 as your coupon code. There will only be 10 opportunities to receive this transdimensional guidance so hurry and reserve your spot! It will be fun to celebrate my birthday with you this way!

2012 is bringing lots of change for everyone. I hope you are prepared to be living your Soul Purpose and moving at warp speed. Hang onto your hat!


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