We’re in the full swing of Summer here in Maryland. The grandkids are done with school (although Mom has them doing some reading or academic practice along with the chores every day) and the air conditioning is running almost continually to manage the heat and humidity. And now we’re ready for the official First Day of Summer when the Northern Hemisphere experiences the Summer Solstice on June 20th. (Thinking of our friends Down Under who are much cooler than we are at the Winter Solstice!) To our friends who live nearer the Arctic Circle, enjoy the longest day, where the Sun never sets!

The energy is shifting. There’s a New Moon only 32 hours before the Solstice, on June 19th at 11:02 am Eastern Time. New Moons are a time when, as the Sun/Self and the Moon/Emotions line up together in the heavens and we get all the power of Self and Emotions energizing our thoughts, dreams and desires to bring them into manifestation. With the energetic gateway of the Solstice as a major turning point in the year, this week will have powerful energy available to you to direct in the way you choose. Be sure to focus on what you WANT to bring into your life, not on what you don’t want or what you are ready to release. Energize what you wish to attract and just release what you’re ready to release, including things like worrying about the future. When there are powerful events in the celestial realm we are invited to work with those energies for our highest good. This is one of those weeks!

It’s been great to be meeting so many new people lately! Welcome to RosemarySpace! I’m delighted that you’ve come to play with us in this awakening community of Love!

Since everyone is experiencing the energy of transition and transformation these days, this is a good time to schedule your Complimentary Discovery Session so we can explore what directions are best for you to take toward your transformation. There’s a questionnaire to fill out to request your Discovery Session so head over to this link and get started so we can get your time reserved on the calendar! Discovery Questionnaire

I’m enjoying speaking around the country to groups who are interested in hearing my story of moving from the Hubble Space Telescope program to becoming a spiritual counselor and medium: From Astrophysics to Metaphysics: Learning to Leverage Intuition. If you and your group would like to have me share and teach about using intuition to grow your business, improve your relationships and help you to live your richest life, then please contact me about speaking there. Email:

Work with the energies of these astronomical events and enjoy the new season that is starting for you!


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