Hello and welcome to all the new subscribers to the ezine! We’re in a powerful time astrologically so let’s get right to that information!

As many of you know, we experienced in the past week a Full Moon, a partial Lunar Eclipse and the conjunction of Venus with the Sun, when Venus moved across the Sun and this transit was visible from Earth. That won’t happen again until 2117! So maybe the planet of Love and Beauty [Venus] was joining with the Sun, which represents our Self in our astrological chart, to bring to consciousness the very essence of Love and Beauty that is YOU! It’s no wonder that this week’s Mystic Message is about finding the Truth that is yours.

So let me just say that I believe in the Inner Splendor that is each of us, and that is the Love and Beauty that is YOU! Thank you for sharing your Inner Splendor with the rest of us!

We’re enjoying the move into Summer in Maryland. The grandkids are done with school and it’s on to outdoors, summer activities. Everybody seems just a bit happier in these sunny days of play.

The New Community Program is almost here! It’s so exciting! I can’t wait to share with you how you can participate. Very soon now!

There are still some slots left for the Summer Reading Program – a special time for you to receive a reading and get a message for 2012 with guidance for how to move forward with the energies for the rest of the year. This brief message can be very powerful – the guides get right to the heart of the matter with just what you need to hear! Here’s how to claim your spot: Click Here

Look for the new ezine format coming soon. I’ve been guided to shift things around a bit and write some timely articles for you. Some other material will be shifting, too. And there are some new programs and offerings in the wings. LOVE this energy of exciting new ways to play in RosemarySpace!

The Conversation with The Other Side in Colorado Springs was awesome! Thanks to all who joined us – we had a great time and there were some amazing messages shared! We all felt that all the messages were important to hear for each of us, even though they were personal to one of the attendees. That’s why these group events are so much fun – there’s so much to learn and so much benefit from the guidance for us all. Join us ONLINE for another CONVERSATION WITH THE OTHER SIDE on THIS SUNDAY, June 10, at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Click Here for the details. These online events are just as much fun as the ones in person and each attendee does get a personal message of guidance from an angel, spirit guide or loved one who has crossed over.

Hope you have a fabulous week! Remember the Love and Beauty that is YOU!


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